April 24, 2014

Labor unions show selfish disregard for nation

Danedri Thompson
The labor unions need to get in line behind the rest of us.
According to a Washington Post story, labor unions are warning Democratic leaders that they are in danger of losing support of union members if …

Gardner government embarrasses with hurdles to development

Bill O’Connor
It doesn’t take a long memory or much research to document the short-sighted decisions, bureaucratic hurdles, and overall incompetence of our elected and appointed officials. It is amazing how recent history, and much longer history reflects this.…

Storm aftermath cause for celebration not blame

It’s not the mayor’s fault. It’s not the governor’s fault. It’s Mother Nature, and she can be an unpredictable, moody beast.
As you read this, the community is likely buried under several inches of snow. That’s what the forecast is …

Distribution of economic freedom is unequal

Alejandro Chafuen
Guest Columnist
While the church and Christian moralists have always spoken about the rich and the poor, and condemned those who put wealth, or anything else, above eternal life, it was only in the 20th century when church …

Council, staff create unstable biz environment

Gardner isn’t open for business, and it has nothing to do with turning down massive abatements for the large project to our west.
It has much more to do with a chronic case of instability and incoherent city government. There …

NSA spying, data gathering makes America a state of surveillance

Sheldon Richman
Guest Columnist
President Obama has some nerve. He opened his speech on NSA spying by likening his surveillance regime to Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty. How insulting. They were helping people resist government tyranny, and the …

USD 231 spends thousands to review KORA

The USD 231 district administration has spent untold thousands of dollars – and many hours – writing, reviewing and rewriting its public records policy, racking up attorney bills and making presentations to the board regarding fees and public record access.…

This year marks 100 years of the not-so-great Federal Reserve Bank

Mark W. Hendrickson
Guest Columnist
On Dec. 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Owen Glass Act, creating the Federal Reserve. Looking back, what has the Fed accomplished during the last 100 years?
The stated original purposes were to protect …

As natural gas booms, coal goes up in smoke

Chris Faulkner
Guest Columnist
The Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon emissions standards have caused an uproar in the coal industry.
These rules limit the amount of carbon new coal-fired power plants can produce. Industry-friendly lawmakers have been quick to voice …

School district should cease blame placing; seek solutions

Discussion was lively at the USD 231 board of education Jan. 13 meeting.
The days of a rubber stamp board appear to be gone, and we thank new board members for voicing concerns of constituents, asking questions and making suggestions.…