November 24, 2014

OUR VIEW: Council adds truck scales to 2014 budget

Thanks to the Gardner City Council for adding portable truck scales to an updated version of the 2014 budget. Last week, we editorialized that the lack of scales were a critical oversight in the 2015 budget.
Council obviously heard our …

OUR VIEW: Drivers should be on look-out for school pedestrians

Summer doesn’t actually end until Sept. 21, but school starting signals the unofficial end of the season. The waning summer months coupled with the start of a new school year and the beginning of fall sports practice mean children will …

Walmart treats employees like Pop-Tarts with unpredictable scheduling

Marjorie E. Wood
Guest Columnist
Walmart loves keeping track of data. For instance, the retail giant’s researchers know that before and after major storms, customers buy strawberry Pop-Tarts at a rate that’s seven times faster than normal.
How does Wal-Mart …

OUR VIEW: One item missing in 2015 budget: truck scales

As trucks whiz by and rumble through town, residents complain, windows shake and roads take a beating.
City officials have taken the first step toward ensuring the impact of truck traffic in Gardner is minimal – training a police officer …

Baby Boomers may be reason youths can’t find work

Robert Romano
Guest Columnist
There is no question that younger people are working at a lower rate now than they were in 2000.
What is not fully understood is why.
Why, since July 2000, has the population of those aged …

Obama’s mythical retreat from military force

Peter Hart
Guest Columnist
Here’s a thought: The Iraq War boosters who enthusiastically promoted the idea that a violent invasion would deliver a stable democracy should keep their opinions about the next U.S. war to themselves.
For many pundits and …

Time running out to stop Internet giveaway

Robert Romano
Guest Columnist
Thanks to the efforts of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), on May 30 the House of Representatives defunded the Obama Internet giveaway in the FY 2015 Commerce Department appropriations bill by a 229 to 178 vote.
However, …

OUR VIEW: Citizens rejoice: Council proposes tax decrease

Gardner City Council did groundbreaking work during a marathon meeting on Aug. 4. With the city budget due to the county in less than a month, council members slogged through a series of proposed projects slashing the 2015 budget by …

OUR VIEW: Fair arrives again thanks to tireless volunteer efforts

Fair volunteers have done it again.
While fair goers enjoyed the sights and sounds of the annual Johnson County Fair, volunteers work tirelessly year round to make it possible.
It’s a process so well-oiled, the fair almost seems to function …

Council member responds to merit increase editorial

Kristina Harrison
Gardner City Council President
Merit increases for public staff should not be mysterious. I agree and thank goodness for the city of Gardner they were not; unless they are considered mysterious to some because each individual city employee’s …