November 21, 2014

Bureaucrats have solution to roasing marshmallows, but not to deficit spending

Rob Schwarzwalder
Guest Columnist
Uncle Sam claims to knows best – even how best to cook.
At least, that what it claims based on a report this week from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He laid out his thoughts to …

OUR VIEW: America’s poor remain wealthy comparitively

Numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed a sharp increase in the number of Americans living below the poverty line. The statistics show that one in six Americans, or 46 million people, are living below the poverty line.
While the …

Congress hopes to reform Vets Administration

Sen. Jerry Moran
Guest columnist
In a year when Kansans have been inundated by news reports of incidents of mismanagement and even death caused by failures at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), there is finally good news to …

Community-lending shakedown reaches $128 billion

Robert Romano
Guest Columnist
$128 billion and counting.
That is Investor’s Business Daily’s latest tally of settlements the Obama Justice Department has extracted from the U.S. banking industry in connection with the 2008 financial crisis, as Bank of America agreed …

How to save the life of the next Michael Brown

Camisha Jones
Guest Columnist
Michael Brown. Jordan Davis. Sean Bell. Trayvon Martin. The list of African-American boys and men gunned down at the hands of police officers and vigilantes just gets longer and longer. It makes me numb.
I don’t …

OUR VIEW: Burger King wants taxes its way

The U.S. administration is in an uproar, because Burger King executives want to have it their way where corporate taxes are concerned.
Burger King announced last week that it would buy a Canadian donut shop. In the process, the fast …

OUR VIEW: Edgerton officials should represent citizens

Edgerton city officials are in so far over their heads. If they don’t start heeding reasonable advice and using common sense, they’re going to do irreparable damage to their community.
Take, for example, a proposal to construct an asphalt and …

State plays important role in legislating drivers

Gary Welton
Guest Columnist
According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 14 states have enacted laws against hand-held use of cell phones by all drivers. These 14 states include 11 blue states, two swing states, and one red state. These …

OUR VIEW: America long on laws, short on common sense

It’s no wonder many Americans feel like they’re under attack by the government. As a recent Wall Street Journal article points out, we are – in a way.
It’s a creeping attack that is putting Americans in jail – or …

Members of Congress need to spend more time away from Washington

Rick Manning
Guest Columnist
There are two more weeks until the Congress returns from its traditional August home-work period. While many scoff at the notion of elected officials and some of their staff spending extended time in their district or …