February 14, 2016

Bill of rights: what individual rights would you guarantee today?

Doug Anstaett Kansas Press Association Guest columnist Dec. 15, 2015 is the 224th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. If you would, play along with me with the following assumption: You’ve been asked to sit on a blue ribbon commission that will take a fresh look at those first 10 amendments to Continue Reading

Memories of Christmas past 

Forty-five years ago this Christmas, I was in Vietnam. I pretty much knew that old Santa Clause wouldn’t be making any stops where I was located. A lady back in Gardner was going to try to make my Christmas special. Peggy Lehman knew of a program, at that time, where military personnel stationed in Vietnam Continue Reading

Furry gifts are a lifetime commitment

Joan Dorsey Guest columnist Ahhh Christmas. Such a special time of year. The season brings out the best and, I am afraid worst in people. I am a follower of Facebook. I get to visit with cousins and friends and people I really like to chat with. I like to scan the groups here in Continue Reading

Giving thanks

While visiting Groundhouse Coffee Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to meet some very impressive teens and a nice young lady. As we were headed for the door and up the wheelchair ramp, a caster on my wheelchair broke free, which forced the wheelchair to lean forward and careen into a chair and a wall. Continue Reading

Industrial farmers are dousing crops with fracking chemicals

Jim Hightower Guest Columnist Ask anyone who’s lived through California’s drought: Water scarcity is getting scary. And banning long showers isn’t even a drop in the bucket when it comes to finding a solution. The biggest water sponge by far is food production, yet agri-giants continue to douse their vast fields like there’s no tomorrow. Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Gardner council approves new logo

Congratulations to the City of Gardner on their new logo, and a special thank you to those committee members who spent their time outlining, discussing and reviewing logo designs. After 18 years, the city will begin “rebranding,” or updating their logo and tagline with a new website next year, and the promotional items, etc., will Continue Reading

The Patriot Act allows government to snoop in citizens’ private life

John Kiriakou Guest Columnist I sometimes say the government turned me into a dissident — after I spent 14 years at the CIA and two more at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I only say it half-jokingly. While I’m proud of winning this year’s PEN Center’s First Amendment award, I never intended to make a Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Mark calendars for bond meeting

At least one more informational meeting regarding USD 231’s proposed $29.7 million bond is scheduled. Although the meeting is just a week before Christmas – Dec. 17 at 6 p.m. at Gardner Edgerton High School – district patrons might want to mark their calendars and attend. According to the district’s website, the bond would “renovate Continue Reading

Christmas ornaments highlight special memories

Joan Dorsey Guest columnist Who doesn’t know what time of year this is? We have had Christmas thrust upon us since before Halloween. The stress level and annoyance can be overwhelming. I am the youngest of four children. Our parents have passed many years ago. My children have grown and have lives of their own. Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Money spent locally benefits economy

Money spent locally stays within the community, and there are many mom and pop stores in Gardner, Edgerton and Spring Hill that would benefit from local support this holiday season. According to a 2008 Civic Economic Study, Grand Rapids, MI, more than two-thirds – $68 – of every $100 spent with locally owned businesses stays Continue Reading