February 11, 2016

OUR VIEW: Elected officials have returned to Topeka for legislative session

Elected officials have returned to Topeka for the legislative session. After last year’s record-long 114 days, we don’t know what to expect, but we hope it isn’t more dysfunction. Ideals are wonderful things, but sometimes a good dose of reality is in order. The reality is – Kansas needs to get its financial house together. Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Child support guidelines change; One size doesn’t fit all

Recommendations from an advisory committee of 14 provided input on changes in child support guidelines that will effect thousands of Kansas residents. The changes, as implemented by the Kansas Supreme Court, took effect January 1 and, in some cases, may result in an across the board increase of more than three percent. We believe all Continue Reading

Chickens require commitment, care

Joan Dorsey Guest columnist Well it’s been almost a year since Gardner passed the ordinance allowing folks here in town to keep backyard chickens. Maybe I don’t travel in the right circles, but so far I don’t think I have seen or heard any complaints from the locals. My venture in the chicken keeping venue Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: It’s almost over

Ready or not, another year is quickly sliding past; 2015 has been a time of growth for the surrounding communities. With growth comes change; and sometimes that’s painful as everyone shuffles to find their place. New people. New industries. New businesses. New staff and elected officials. The New Year is a time of rebirth; a Continue Reading

Congress has created an average of 50 new crimes per year for the past decade

John Kiriakou Guest Columnist The media is fond of calling out our “do-nothing Congress.” Indeed, our national lawmakers’ last term was one of the least productive in history. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing. According to author John Whitehead, Congress has created, on average, 50 new crimes per year for the past decade. Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Christmas maybe over, but keep the joyful spirit alive

The presents are wrapped; or maybe they’re already unwrapped. The smell of Christmas dinner is in the air; or maybe you celebrated the holiday early, and the refrigerator’s stuffed with leftovers.. The house is full of laughter of family and friends; or maybe the hubbub is over. Wherever you are in your holiday festivities, we Continue Reading

Use caution, knowledge during season of giving

Joan Dorsey Guest columnist Why is it human nature to give? I suppose the feeling we get which is sort of a mix of happiness and the excitement is a kind of high. Basically this is that giving time of year. Starts at Thanksgiving and goes to Christmas. My parents back in the late 60’s Continue Reading

Put this coal kingpin in the stocks

Jim Hightower Guest Columnist Disgraced coal baron Don Blankenship didn’t get what he deserves in his recent federal trial. But he richly deserves what he got. “Guilty,” declared all 12 West Virginia jurors, who convicted this arrogant and avaricious former CEO of Massey Energy of willfully conspiring to violate America’s mine safety laws. As a Continue Reading

Bill of rights: what individual rights would you guarantee today?

Doug Anstaett Kansas Press Association Guest columnist Dec. 15, 2015 is the 224th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. If you would, play along with me with the following assumption: You’ve been asked to sit on a blue ribbon commission that will take a fresh look at those first 10 amendments to Continue Reading

Memories of Christmas past 

Forty-five years ago this Christmas, I was in Vietnam. I pretty much knew that old Santa Clause wouldn’t be making any stops where I was located. A lady back in Gardner was going to try to make my Christmas special. Peggy Lehman knew of a program, at that time, where military personnel stationed in Vietnam Continue Reading