September 17, 2014

Older residents need transportation assistance

Jane Walker
I’m writing you with the hope of getting your help with a problem we have in our community.
I currently take a friend to dialysis three times a week in Olathe.  In trying to find him back-up …

Reader fed up with ‘tax and spend’ politics

Maurice Taylor
Wake up America!  I’m tired of paying taxes.
With the brouhaha going on at the Gardner City Council meetings, the bloggers are missing the point.  It’s about taxes.  It’s about Gardner citizens paying more taxes.  It’s not …

An open letter to Sens. Moran, Roberts and Rep. Yoder

Bill Lucas
An open letter to Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and Rep. Kevin Yoder:
This country is supposed to be a beacon of democracy to the world.  The citizens who went before us worked tirelessly to make …

Post office is not supported by taxpayer funds

Eric Lathrum
It is disappointing to read the errors and misinformation about the post office in the recent Gardner News editorial column by Rebekah Rast.
Rast claims that if the post office were a private company it would no …

Fotovich denies mayor’s allegations

Larry Fotovich
It’s unfortunate that two candidates withdrew from the city administrator recruitment process, but Gardner doesn’t need a chief executive who will quit at the first sign of controversy.  Better to know that sooner than later.
Although the …

Newspaper classless to run Starling story

James Repshire
I’ve considered Shirley Strack a very close friend for more than 15 years.  I attend the church she attends.  Shirley was the high school attendance secretary when my boys were going through high school.  I can say …

Mayor Drovetta, Fotovich should resign

Jared Taylor
Ok, enough of this already. The feud between council member Larry Fotovich and Mayor Dave Drovetta has gone on long enough and seems to have hit rock bottom. With the search for a new administrator now put …

Mayor: City administrator search on hold after confidentiality breach

David C. Drovetta
I have decided to place the City Administrator search on hold. I will recommend to the Council that we enlist the services of Michael Press, former Johnson County Manager, to serve as our Interim City …

Mayor, council need to rein in spending

Karen Stephenson
Letter to the editor
I am seriously discouraged with the Gardner mayor.  Under no circumstances is it appropriate, let alone polite, for him to behave as he did at the city council meeting June 20.  Mr. Drovetta you …

Time for a new administration in Washington

Mike Kiegerl

43rd District State Rep.

Home again
We returned from our annual family vacation Wednesday morning. We rented a houseboat on Lake Powell and enjoyed the great weather and the unique, magnificent scenery. The grandkids had a blast. We …