February 7, 2016

Don’t use gas chambers to euthanize dogs, cats

Shelley Homan Olathe The Humane Society of the US, and its Kansas director, have been diligently working to end the use of gas chambers in Kansas shelters by offering training and assistance for smaller cities to learn how to implement humane euthanasia by injection rather than by use of the CO chambers. These chambers are Continue Reading

Council member responds to merit increase editorial

Kristina Harrison Gardner City Council President Merit increases for public staff should not be mysterious. I agree and thank goodness for the city of Gardner they were not; unless they are considered mysterious to some because each individual city employee’s performance review and rating is protected legally and therefore this information has remained confidential. That Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Make truck scales a priority in 2015 budget

It’s time for city officials to invest in truck weight scales. As Gardner City Council members begin planning the 2015 budget, we encourage the governing body to fund the purchase of weight scales. We said it first in July of 2013 – it’s time for the city to buy portable scales. As trucks whiz by Continue Reading

Help prevent animal cruelty by supporting humane breeding bill

Shelley Homan Olathe Do we live in the animal health corridor of the world? Our state of Kansas currently ranks number 3 for the number of animal breeders with egregious records of repeated violations of animal welfare laws. Our neighbors in Missouri hold the dubious title as number 1 on this list.  Aly Van Dyke’s Continue Reading

Gardner government embarrasses with hurdles to development

Bill O’Connor Gardner It doesn’t take a long memory or much research to document the short-sighted decisions, bureaucratic hurdles, and overall incompetence of our elected and appointed officials. It is amazing how recent history, and much longer history reflects this. A short overview of a few, recent items: 1) complete incompetence in handling the intermodal, on so Continue Reading

Leave puppy-mill cruelty off shopping lists this year

Shelley Homan Olathe Thousands of puppies are bought and sold every year during the holiday season, which means thousands of consumers end up unknowingly supporting puppy mills. Puppy mills are inhumane, commercial breeding facilities that place an emphasis on profits over the health of the dogs.  The breeding dogs at puppy mills live their entire Continue Reading

Woman pays it forward at local sandwich eatery

Bernice Holden Edgerton Surprise, Surprise! At 83 years of age, I couldn’t believe anything like this would ever happen to me. I was ready to end a day of surprises, however. It started out with what I considered on Nov. 14 to be early mailing of a Christmas package to my grandson’s family overseas, standard Continue Reading

Council is ill-prepared to take over responsibility of Gardner’s electric utility

Vern Pickert Gardner The letter (“City council should reconsider proposed ordinance regarding EUB”) in the Oct. 23 edition of The Gardner News, written by Ryan Beasley, was certainly well said, and I support him 100 percent. I was a member of the electric utility board the first two years of its existence, and I was Continue Reading

EUB has functioned well

Ryan Beasley Former EUB Member Mayor Morrow and City Administrator take two steps back. With the help and direction of the Electric Utility Board (EUB) over these past four years, Gardner Energy has put itself in a position where the electric rates of Gardner are extremely competitive and have fluctuated minimally. Gardner Energy has been Continue Reading

School board appointment process democratic

Mark  Granell President, USD 231 school board I am writing in response to your editorial of Sept. 25, titled “Board uses questionable procedure to replace exiting members.” Given the lack of balance in both your reporting on the process for selecting members to replace resigning board members and in your editorial, I am compelled to Continue Reading