August 28, 2014

American hawks risk escalating Ukrainian-Russian crisis in Crimea

Sheldon Richman
Guest columnist
With Russia and the United States confronting each other over Ukraine, the world is at a dangerous juncture. While the chances of war between the two behemoths seem small — these are, after all, nuclear powers …

First glimpses of spring appear despite snow

Kevin Kuzma
Guest Columnist
In the day’s first light, just as the bedroom was beginning to warm with color, a sound outside the window snapped my eyes open.
Our town has been continually besieged by winter storms over the last …

American university students prefer printed textbooks, study reveals

John Richard Schrock
Guest columnist
American university students this spring are still using printed textbooks far more than eTexts.
In 2010, it was predicted that eTexts would rise from 2 percent of college course materials to over 18 percent after …

The lethal legacy of U.S. foreign intervention

Sheldon Richman
Guest Columnist
Americans seem to believe that once the U.S. military exits a foreign country, its moral accountability ends. But the deadly consequences — and culpability — continue long after the last soldier leaves.
Take Iraq, which the …

Constitutional silence does not justify the President’s federal actions

Rob Schwazwalder
Guest columnist
Recently President Obama has spoken several times about his intention to use “executive orders” to bypass Congress and pursue things he wants accomplished.
In addition to showing a certain contempt for representative self-government (Congress is elected …

Congress will not fund U.N. treaty implementation

Sen. Jerry Moran
Guest Columnist
In October 2009, President Obama reversed the policies of both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush by committing the United States to U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations. In the years that …

Distribution of economic freedom is unequal

Alejandro Chafuen
Guest Columnist
While the church and Christian moralists have always spoken about the rich and the poor, and condemned those who put wealth, or anything else, above eternal life, it was only in the 20th century when church …

NSA spying, data gathering makes America a state of surveillance

Sheldon Richman
Guest Columnist
President Obama has some nerve. He opened his speech on NSA spying by likening his surveillance regime to Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty. How insulting. They were helping people resist government tyranny, and the …

This year marks 100 years of the not-so-great Federal Reserve Bank

Mark W. Hendrickson
Guest Columnist
On Dec. 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Owen Glass Act, creating the Federal Reserve. Looking back, what has the Fed accomplished during the last 100 years?
The stated original purposes were to protect …

As natural gas booms, coal goes up in smoke

Chris Faulkner
Guest Columnist
The Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon emissions standards have caused an uproar in the coal industry.
These rules limit the amount of carbon new coal-fired power plants can produce. Industry-friendly lawmakers have been quick to voice …