April 23, 2014

Remember George Mason on Bill of Rights Day

Doug Anstaett
Kansas Press Assoc.
Guest Columnist
There’s a commercial right now that shows a huge cloud of dust and says, “We’re willing to bet no kid ever grew up with a poster of a Passat on his bedroom wall.” …

Veterans deserve more than just one day

Thomas Kennedy
Guest Columnist
America is home to 21.2 million veterans — men and women who were willing to risk their lives for our country.
Unfortunately, many of these veterans face a daunting personal battle here at home: finding work. …

Five million missing from U.S. workforce

Jim Hightower
Guest Columnist
Wall Street analysts, corporate lobbyists, and front groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce form an exuberant cheering squad for maintaining the status quo of America’s do-nothing jobs policy.
“Hooray!” they shout to our lawmakers, “The …

U.S. should do more to prevent domestic violence deaths

Laura Finley
Guest Columnist
In the last two weeks over a four-day period, 14 adults and seven children from four different states were killed in domestic violence-related murders.  In Texas, police said a man with a long criminal history and …

Inflation is the last thing we need right now

Sheldon Richman
Guest Columnist
“Some economists say more inflation is just what the American economy needs to escape from a half-decade of sluggish growth and high unemployment,” the New York Times reports.
One is Harvard economist Kenneth S. Rogoff, quoted …

Brownback responds to New York Times editorial board on KS schools

Sam Brownback
Dear New York Times Editorial Board:
While the citizens of Kansas do appreciate your interest in the quality of education received by our children, it appears you may be unaware of a few simple facts. Therefore, I …

Public records should be readily available to public

Walter Hermreck
Guest Columnist
Recently I sent an email to the Gardner Edgerton School District requesting a public document called the SO-66 report. The Superintendents Organizational Report contains nothing ground breaking, secretive, or alarming. The report lists simple data such …

EUB has functioned well

Ryan Beasley
Former EUB Member
Mayor Morrow and City Administrator take two steps back.
With the help and direction of the Electric Utility Board (EUB) over these past four years, Gardner Energy has put itself in a position where the …

Tea Party influence out of proportion to its numbers in U.S. population

Donald Kaul
Guest Columnist
Barack Obama’s shutting down of the government is the most self-destructive thing to happen since Poland attacked Nazi Germany in 1939.
Oh wait! It was Germany that attacked Poland, wasn’t it?
Yes, but Adolf Hitler, the …

‘Revenge Pornography’ epidemic is symptom of deeper societal problem

Rob Schwarzwalder
Guest Columnist
Personal character is the bedrock of a free society. Unless individuals govern themselves, their own conduct, speech, and motives, they cannot mutually govern one another in a representative democracy. Why? Because if their own lives are …