November 27, 2015

How to save the life of the next Michael Brown

Camisha Jones Guest Columnist Michael Brown. Jordan Davis. Sean Bell. Trayvon Martin. The list of African-American boys and men gunned down at the hands of police officers and vigilantes just gets longer and longer. It makes me numb. I don’t want to feel the full weight of grief and turmoil from knowing the lives of Continue Reading

State plays important role in legislating drivers

Gary Welton Guest Columnist According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 14 states have enacted laws against hand-held use of cell phones by all drivers. These 14 states include 11 blue states, two swing states, and one red state. These bans are already in effect in 12 states; two of them will become effective within Continue Reading

Members of Congress need to spend more time away from Washington

Rick Manning Guest Columnist There are two more weeks until the Congress returns from its traditional August home-work period. While many scoff at the notion of elected officials and some of their staff spending extended time in their district or state, I disagree. If I had my way, members of Congress would spend more time Continue Reading

Walmart treats employees like Pop-Tarts with unpredictable scheduling

Marjorie E. Wood Guest Columnist Walmart loves keeping track of data. For instance, the retail giant’s researchers know that before and after major storms, customers buy strawberry Pop-Tarts at a rate that’s seven times faster than normal. How does Wal-Mart use this data? To stock its shelves with more — or less — of a certain Continue Reading

Baby Boomers may be reason youths can’t find work

Robert Romano Guest Columnist There is no question that younger people are working at a lower rate now than they were in 2000. What is not fully understood is why. Why, since July 2000, has the population of those aged 20-34 increased by almost 7.4 million, yet only 1.3 million of those — just 17.67 Continue Reading

Obama’s mythical retreat from military force

Peter Hart Guest Columnist Here’s a thought: The Iraq War boosters who enthusiastically promoted the idea that a violent invasion would deliver a stable democracy should keep their opinions about the next U.S. war to themselves. For many pundits and (mostly) Republican politicians, the Obama years have been a time of serious decline of American Continue Reading

Time running out to stop Internet giveaway

Robert Romano Guest Columnist Thanks to the efforts of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), on May 30 the House of Representatives defunded the Obama Internet giveaway in the FY 2015 Commerce Department appropriations bill by a 229 to 178 vote. However, with the August recess already in full swing, the Senate appears unlikely to pass any Continue Reading

Renewables can put brakes on gas prices

Bob Dinneen Guest columnist As Americans hop in their cars this summer, gasoline prices are at a six-year high. Thanks to surging demand and continued turmoil in Iraq, gas is quickly approaching $4 per gallon. With prices rising so fast, there’s never been a more important time for America to invest in alternative sources of Continue Reading

Rural Kansas students and others deserve a 21st Century education

Sen. Jerry Moran & Ajit Pai Guest Columnists As sons of rural Kansas, we are committed to ensuring that children who grow up in the Sunflower State receive the same educational opportunities as students anywhere in America. One of the tools for making certain rural students receive a 21st Century education is broadband Internet access. Continue Reading

Kansas revenue shortfalls in April, May are being misrepresented

Nick Jordan Guest Columnist Critics recently accused the Department of Revenue of “misrepresenting” research about the state’s revenue shortfall in April and May. We at the Department of Revenue stand behind our prior statements contained in our April and May tax receipts reports.  We have established metrics to track results and limit speculation.  These are Continue Reading