February 13, 2016

U.S. Congress makes strides during productive year

Congressman Kevin Yoder, R-KS Special to The Gardner News Thanks to the will of the American people, last November the Republican Party was entrusted with the majority in the United States Senate to go along with our majority in the United States House of Representatives held since 2010. Altogether, we have responded by being the Continue Reading

Uncomfortable truths necessary for honest debate

Danedri Thompson Columnist The biggest story rarely told is finally getting a tiny bit of play. It’s getting far less than it should, because the story makes people uncomfortable. Well, prepare for some discomfort. The Center for Medical Progress is an organization that reports and monitors medical ethics and advances. CMP is the organization responsible Continue Reading

Will Congressional spending pigs squeal this summer?

Rick Manning Guest Columnist Summer is here, and in Congress that means it is spending season. The time when appropriators’ eyes turn to buying those extra little frills that make being a Member of Congress such fun. The budget has been set, and now it’s time to spend that nifty $3.8 trillion dollars that has Continue Reading

College athletics overshadow college academics

John Schrock Guest Columnist “March Madness” is over. Now name the strong academic programs at Duke University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Kentucky, or Michigan State University? Most Americans can identify their mascots. Most can tell you which team had the tallest players. But we haven’t a clue about academic programs. Most alumni Continue Reading

Stop blaming borrowers, hold predatory lenders accountable

LeeAnn Hall Guest Columnist Years after Toni Potter’s husband passed away from pancreatic cancer, debt collectors in her state of Washington were still relentlessly hounding her about his hospital bills. Andrea Anderson, a young student in Oregon, has been saddled with $150,000 in college loans as she pursues her dream of becoming a social worker. Continue Reading

Counter OPEC’s power by boosting American crude oil exports

J.Michael Barrett Guest Columist The national average for a gallon of gasoline is quickly approaching just $2. Drivers can mostly thank the highest level of domestic oil production in four decades — over 9 million barrels per day — for these low prices. With American energy production booming and gas prices plummeting, it’s difficult to Continue Reading

Brian Williams helped pave the way to U.S. war

Sheldon Richman Guest Columnist The scandal of the month is NBC anchor Brian Williams’s shabby bid for self-glorification by falsely claiming he was in a U.S. military helicopter forced to land in the Iraqi desert after being hit by ground fire in 2003. Of course so-called news people shouldn’t make up stuff to look good, Continue Reading

States, federal government, political parties hold to a James Bond complex

Sheldon Richman Guest Columnist Today, American politicians of both major parties — conservatives, “moderates,” and so-called liberals alike — insist that the United States is an “exceptional,” even “indispensable” nation. In practice, this means that for the United States alone the rules are different. Particularly in international affairs, it — the government and its personnel Continue Reading

Restoring trade with Cuba makes moral sense

Sen. Jerry Moran R-Kansas Guest Columnist I often say Kansans will try anything once – sometimes twice or even three times. But if we have been trying something for more than five decades and it has yet to work, it is time to change. For a number of years, I have worked to modify the Continue Reading

Chamber will institute slow, meaninful change

Jason Camis Chamber President Guest Columnist The last two weeks I’ve given you “Jason Camis 101” and “Chamber of Commerce 101.” While I know that many people are eager to hear concrete plans for the chamber, be it big or small, I’m honestly not ready for that yet. Because I like change and I know Continue Reading