February 12, 2016

Women stepping up on political scene this year

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com After Tuesday’s primary elections in a number of states, it’s looking like 2010 could become the year of the woman. Thank goodness. I’m typically not one to join in an estrogen fest. I don’t really care if politicians look like me or share certain anatomical similarities. I’d rather they think like me Continue Reading

Opinion: Little light between Moran, Tiahrt

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com Contrary to their campaign literature, there appears to be little light between Rep. Todd Tiahrt and Rep. Jerry Moran. The two are vying to replace Sen. Sam Brownback in the U.S. Senate and throwing barbs at one another through press releases, commercials and twitter feeds. Judging from the debate they’re waging in Continue Reading

Column: Letter to 2010 graduates

What you’ve learned in school isn’t all that important. If your teachers taught you what to think, they’ve failed. If they’ve taught you how to think, you should use that skill everyday with reckless abandon. From this day forward, you get to learn what you want rather than what someone tells you need to know.

Column: What happens in Vegas should stay there

Sen. Reid should remember take a cue from his most-populous city’s ad campaign, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and think: What happens in my head should stay there. The American people don’t need his misrepresentations and lies coloring the healthcare debate. It’s too important of a debate to gamble on historical inaccuracies.

Satan works for the DMV

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com Had Dante Alighieri written the Divine Comedy today rather than in the 1300s, the circles of hell for the worst offenders probably would closely resemble the Department of Motor Vehicles. I sold a car and purchased a new one last week, which led to my own tour of the dark circles of Continue Reading