September 3, 2015

OPINION: One angry Tea Partier

Pundits from every corner of the United States are busy trying to describe the Tea Party movement.  Meanwhile, some members of Congress and the political class are eagerly attempting to drive the Tea Party Express. In fact, one former Congressional …

OPINION: Flight attendant’s glorious resignation sparks happy memories

Danedri Thompson

He didn’t do the right thing, but I get it.

Steven Slater, a Jet Blue flight attendant, cursed passengers over an airplane’s public address system before grabbing a few beers, yanking open one of the plane’s emergency …

Missourians should send McCaskill message she’ll understand in 2012

Danedri Thompson

Seriously, Missouri, would you do something about Sen. Claire McCaskill?

I would never presume to tell the good folks just east of here what to do (fire her), but one of your senators is quickly becoming a …

OPINION: Kansas journalist thinks Florida teacher whines too much

Danedri Thompson

A whiny teacher’s essay has gone viral to become a rallying cry for the National Education Association and teachers everywhere.

It starts, “I am a teacher in Florida,” and then whines through a list of all the …

OPINION: Congress, American people could use a little tough love

Danedri Thompson

Although their reasoning is flawed, Congressional Republicans were wise to give the Heisman arm to another round of unemployment benefits.

Unfortunately, they’ll be eating the Democrats’ dust by the time this paper reaches your hands.  New Sen. …

OPINION: Missouri’s Purgason deserves thanks

Danedri Thompson

Missouri State Sen. Chuck Purgason deserves a medal – instead, he’s been removed from his committee chairmanship in the Missouri State Senate and may lose a primary race against Congressman Roy Blunt for the U.S. Senate.
Purgason …

Column: Palin-haters green with envy

Danedri Thompson

To hear some people talk, you’d think Sarah Palin personally accosted them in a dark alley. I’m fairly certain that isn’t the case for many of the people who react to the mere mention of her name …

Column: Soccer haters not racist, just bored

Danedri Thompson

Soccer is boring. Earth-shattering, mind-numbingly, painfully dull. And the majority of Americans agree, but don’t tell the staffers at The Nation magazine.

Soccer haters are imperial racists who can’t pick their knuckles off the NASCAR race track …

Column: Thoughts on the Big 12 scene

Danedri Thompson

The Big 12 lives on and this heart is glad, but disappointed to note that college sports is no different than professional sports. They’re all about the Benjamins.

The potential demise of the best conference in college …

Column: Women stepping on political stage

Danedri Thompson

After Tuesday’s primary elections in a number of states, it’s looking like 2010 could become the year of the woman.
Thank goodness.

I’m typically not one to join in an estrogen fest. I don’t really care if …