February 11, 2016

Uncomfortable truths necessary for honest debate

Danedri Thompson Columnist The biggest story rarely told is finally getting a tiny bit of play. It’s getting far less than it should, because the story makes people uncomfortable. Well, prepare for some discomfort. The Center for Medical Progress is an organization that reports and monitors medical ethics and advances. CMP is the organization responsible Continue Reading

OPINION: Calling Hitler a socialist shouldnít be controversial

Danedri Thompson Columnist Itís my fault really. I started a fight on Facebook by saying something I believed to be inconsequential and non-controversial. At least, I thought the part where I stipulated that Adolf Hitler was a socialist was not controversial. Stupidly, I thought socialism was a bad thing ñ that it could be belittled Continue Reading

Censure movement about theatrics rather than common sense

Danedri Thompson Guest Columnist The appropriate way to remove people from office is at the ballot box – not in a three-ring circus that serves as an echo chamber of egos. Unfortunately, that’s not how a loud minority of people in Gardner like to do things. They’d sooner usurp the voters in a bid to Continue Reading

Labor unions show selfish disregard for nation

Danedri Thompson Columnist The labor unions need to get in line behind the rest of us. According to a Washington Post story, labor unions are warning Democratic leaders that they are in danger of losing support of union members if they don’t award “special protections under the Affordable Care Act” to unions. Yes, the Washington Continue Reading

Big-foot-sized carbon footprints in store for 2014

Danedri Thompson Columnist With the new year right around the corner, I’m making plans to lessen my carbon footprint to approximately the size of Al Gore’s carbon footprint. If I’m lucky the Nobel Peace Prize voters will take notice. Former Vice President Al Gore once received the Nobel Prize for sounding the alarm over global Continue Reading

Conservatives cede middle ground with silence

Danedri Thompson Columnist Conservatives are ceding the middle ground to liberal talking points every day. It’s not that we aren’t principled – it’s that conservatives, by nature, seek not to offend. By doing so, we’re losing a very important battle – that for the hearts and minds of the American people. Nowhere is it more Continue Reading

Back-to-school time means unhappy teachers

Danedri Thompson Columnist It’s back to school time, which comes with a litany of prayers for teachers and complaining about how tough a role teaching truly is. My favorite example is a whiny Florida teacher’s essay that went viral in 2010. The famed viral essay starts, “I am a teacher in Florida,” and then drones Continue Reading

COLUMN: Social media paints ugly picture of Gardner

Danedri Thompson Columnist I grew up in Gardner. With brief stops in other communities to work for newspapers, airlines and attend college, this has been my life-long home. I’m married to another Gardner kid, and we chose to make our lives here. But, had I not married a person likewise attached to this community, I Continue Reading

Americans in a strange land that used to be sane

Danedri Thompson columnist Everyday, I feel more and more like a stranger in a strange land. And it’s about to get worse. I hate to quote the completely idiotic Michael Moore, but occasionally, it’s necessary: Dude, where’s my country? We’re being overrun by illegal aliens, and yes, I use the term “illegal.” When you break Continue Reading

Advice for the discerning high school graduate

Danedri Thompson columnist Dear Graduate, I have some good news and some bad news for you as you prepare to collect your high school diploma this weekend. The good news: Other than the piece of paper that declares you a high school graduate, few people will remember of care what you did at Gardner Edgerton Continue Reading