August 29, 2014

USD 231 could really soar with effective, open leadership

The culture of secrecy continues at the Gardner Edgerton School District, and its cloaked reach apparently extends to the school board.
It would seem logical that all elected representatives of the district would be informed of matters that could involve …

Area grand openings interrelated

Past and future came together during the last week.
Three distinct, but interrelated, grand openings were celebrated – the I-35/Homestead interchange, the BNSF intermodal and Edgerton Historical Museum.
Both the interchange and Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) opening come after …

School funding court case could bankrupt the state

School districts and the state legislature battled funding questions at the Kansas Supreme Court last week.
Whatever the outcome, things aren’t looking good for Joe Taxpayer.
Several school districts, including Gardner-Edgerton, are suing the state for “adequate funding,” for public …

Council discussion about electric utility long overdue

Despite protests to the contrary, there’s a little bit of an urination contest, “for distance and accuracy,” as Mayor Chris Morrow put it, between the city staff and the Gardner Electric Utility Board (EUB).
Morrow said during a city council …

State ranks high in Midwest in taxing entities per resident

With the federal government officially in the process of “shutting down” Americans might find comfort knowing that more than 90,000 local governments will still be operating, at least for now.
According to the 2012 Census of Government, there are approximately …

Obamacare will be an improvement of America’s current healthcare system

Brett Limer
Wes Rains
Guest Columnists

While far from perfect, the ACA (Affordable Care Act), or Obamacare, is actually an attempt to improve the health care of Americans going forward.  Yes, there are many unknowns —that is true for any …

Board uses questionable procedure to replace exiting members

Despite the questionable process of replacing recently-elected Shelta Collins, who resigned from the USD 231 board of education, and Tim Rayburn, who will resign at some future date, two good candidates were selected: Mary Nelson, senior vice-president at Metcalf Bank …

Unicorns, fairies, and ‘Gateway to Gardner’ do not exist

Let’s talk for a second about the “Gateway to Gardner.”
To hear city staff tell it, you’d think there was a vaunted entryway into town complete with pageantry and artistry. There’s no such thing or place as the “Gardner Gateway.”…

It’s time to rally around the Blazer blue

It’s that time of year again. In most corners of the country, people are enjoying the scents and sights of fall – leaves, turning and falling, in shades of red, orange and gold, and summer growing old.
But the colors …

Community development department mistreats small business

We hear an awful lot about opening the city of Gardner for business.
Too bad it appears to be nothing more than lip-service where small, local businesses are concerned.
We’ve editorialized before about the shameful treatment many businesses receive at …