February 11, 2016

OUR VIEW: Editorial board offers its endorsements in local races

Gardner residents are fortunate to have seven city council candidates to choose from who bring a variety of skill sets; and we congratulate those who have avoided finger pointing, mudslinging campaigns to focus on the issues. In the political marketplace, if you have something good to offer, it’s wise to trumpet it rather than wasting time criticizing your Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Elections have consequences; Voters should get to know candidates

With less than a month to go before the April 7 general election, it’s time for voters to get informed. Advanced voting has already started, and it’s time for voters to acquaint themselves with candidates, if they haven’t already. V Voters should be using the next several weeks to get to know the candidates who Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Personal touch will help keep small-town feel

Southwest Johnson County has been in the throes of extreme growing pains for the last several years, perhaps for more than a decade. With the intermodal building out, citizens can expect even more drastic changes in the community’s appearance as well as in the atmosphere in the core of the southwest communities. For those of Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Kansas Legislature resembles circus side show

It’s been a bang-up few weeks in the Kansas Legislature. If you’re hearing the music that typically accompanies a circus, you’re not alone. Politicians have apparently gone a little wonky in Topeka. In the last few weeks, legislators have proposed bills to eliminate public notices in newspapers, suggested increasing gas taxes, sales taxes and a Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Local elections loom; Voters should go to polls armed with information

With a little more than a month to go before the April 7 general election, it’s time for voters to get informed. If they haven’t already, voters should be using the next several weeks to acquaint themselves with the candidates that will be on that ballot. This newspaper as well as a variety of sources Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Black History Month recognizes overlooked history

Black History Month collides with the idea of the Great American Melting Pot. Black History Month isn’t necessary but the contributions of black Americans, as well as some other ethnic groups, for decades were not included in history books. We welcome the reminder that there is more to history than the stuff that makes its Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Residents ‘occupy’ city hall

There’s a time and a place to air concerns about every purpose under heaven. The trick is finding the right one. Unfortunately, a group of citizens failed to do so when they interrupted and virtually hijacked a meeting that was supposed to give residents a chance to provide input on Gardner’s 2016 budget. While protesting to gain attention may Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: School funding decisions belong to voters, not judges

Call it a miscarriage of justice. A three-judge panel ruled on Dec. 30 that Kansas schools are illegally underfunded. The Shawnee District Court justices wrote funding for public schools “is inadequate from any rational perspective of the evidence.” Judges didn’t hang a dollar amount on their ruling, but suggested schools should receive a minimum of Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: LOB ballot seeks trust of USD 231 voters

Trust us. That’s what school officials are asking voters to do in this mail-in election. The ballot question asks voters to give school board members the authority to raise taxes above what they already can. State statute limits the amount of revenue districts can raise via local taxes, or the local option budget (LOB), and Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Paper offers its legislative agenda

Many entities, especially public or taxpayer funded entities, offer legislative agendas to elected officials. The agendas layout items of concern and areas in which legislators may expect a visit from a lobbyist on their behalf. The Gardner News doesn’t have a bucketful of money to hire a lobbyist, as many public entities including the Johnson Continue Reading