February 14, 2016

OUR VIEW: Time to reconsider federal food stamp program

There are more than 46 million people collecting food stamps in America, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). That’s enough to fill both halls of the Kauffman Center 13,675 times. We’re not convinced the food stamp program is worth the cost estimated at more than $80 billion each year, especially considering the program Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Voters should just say ‘no’ to ballot question

We urge Gardner voters to cast a “no” vote in a city sales tax initiative. By now, most registered voters should have received their ballots in the mail. To be counted, the ballots must be returned to the Johnson County Election Office no later than noon on Sept. 15. Via the ballot, city officials are Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Council should treat business owners, their attorneys respectfully

It’s surprising that two groups of informed citizens can draw vastly different responses to the same information, but that’s what occurred when Gardner’s Planning Commission and the Gardner City Council considered whether to rezone 2.67 acres of land on the south side of town. Planning commissioners heard the information first. During a July 29 meeting, Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Record numbers in poverty in U.S., though ways exist to avoid it

Numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed a sharp increase in the number of Americans living below the poverty line. The statistics show that one in six Americans, or 46 million people, are living below the poverty line. While the stats are dramatic, it’s important to remember that living below the poverty line and the Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Drivers beware: With school starting, kids will be out walking

Summer doesn’t actually end until Sept. 21, but school starting signals the unofficial end of the season. In the Gardner Edgerton School District, the first day of school is Aug. 13. In the Spring Hill School District, students will begin classes on Aug. 18. The waning summer months coupled with the start of a new Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: City uses bad logic to grease wheels for adding staff

Hold on to your wallets, citizens of Gardner. Though the proposed 2016 city budget will likely not result in tax or utility rate increases, city staff aren’t ruling out exorbitant increases in outer years. That’s despite a budget proposal that should yield almost a 30 percent increase in revenue next year due to two factors: Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: County fair epitomizes joys of small town living

There’s no reason to leave town this weekend – not with the Johnson County Fair firing hotter than the temperatures. Hopefully the heat won’t keep people away from what for many former local youth is a right-of-passage. Every kid should get to spend one evening each summer at a county fair. The scent of funnel Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Gardner residents should plan to attend budget public hearing July 20

There are plenty of ways to make your voice heard. Be it going to the polls on Election Day, writing letters to the editor or to City Hall, or making phone calls to your local, state and federal government officials, an informed people who are involved in the governing of the place in which they Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Court decision puts Mission driveway tax on life support

It’s not often we have reason to be appreciative of the Kansas Court of Appeals, but today, the Court deserves a proverbial pat on the back for putting the kibosh on a controversial driveway tax in Mission, Kan. The court ruled last week that Mission’s tax, which imposed a fee based on how much traffic Continue Reading

U.S. declares its independence

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the Continue Reading