February 9, 2016

Page’s legacy of public service lives on

Rhonda Humble Publisher Although often used interchangeably, there’s a difference between a politician and public servant. A public servant can be involved in politics, but a politician’s focus isn’t necessarily to serve the public. Bob Page was a public servant in the true sense of the word, and his passing at age 87 leaves a Continue Reading

Beware debit card scams that update your account

Rhonda Humble Publisher There’s a new scam in town. If you use a bank debit card, watch your account for unauthorized charges, and be prepared to jump through hoops to reverse the charges. It may take up to 120 days, a few certified letters and some blood pressure pills. An “automatic account number updating” program Continue Reading

Retired JoCo educator did the right thing

Retired educator did the right thing By Rhonda Humble publisher When I think of Corinthian Nutter, I see purple. Maybe that’s because when I interviewed Mrs. Nutter, she wore a royal purple jacket that encompassed her frame. The retired educator was in her 90’s then, a smallish woman with a sharp mind, grey bun and Continue Reading

Holidays: a tale of woes and blessings

Rhonda Humble Publisher It’s been a rough few years at the Humble household. We’ve lost several irreplaceable loved ones; family, friends and mentors. And the economy has been less than kind. In fact, we didn’t do gifts this year, yet we had one of the best Christmases ever. Despite the lack of wrapping paper, ribbons Continue Reading

Silence projects hope words can’t encompass

Rhonda Humble Publisher The tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary with 26 dead is unfathomable. As the news unfolded, I wanted to cry, to reach out and hug someone, to scream, to do something, blame someone, or hear something that would explain and fill the void and ease the pain of so much senseless suffering. But, Continue Reading

According to USD 231 board briefs, county, school may work together on Edgerton senior meal vouchers

Rhonda Humble publisher Edgerton senior citizens may yet benefit from could be a precedent-setting meal voucher program announced by County Commissioner Calvin Hayden last September. Kudos to the county, Edgerton and USD 231 staff  who are working to come together on a proposed pilot program that would allow Edgerton seniors to receive meal vouchers to Continue Reading

Tattered Rolodex recalls memories, serves personal, historical purpose

Rhonda Humble Publisher Flipping through the dog-eared cards on my Rolodex one day, I was putting x’s through those who were out of business, out-of-town or dead. “Why don’t you just throw them out?” a young co-worker asked. At the time, I just shook my head and didn’t have the words to express the memories Continue Reading

Community lost a friend with Chief’s passing

Rhonda Humble Publisher We’ve lost a good friend with the passing of Kenny Francis. Francis, affectionately called “Chief” by many area residents, passed away Sept. 14 after serving  more than 40 years in public safety; the last two decades as Gardner police chief. Chief was one of the first people to welcome me to Gardner Continue Reading

Cars, smiles and rude people cause discontent

Rhonda Humble Publisher It’s always disconcerting to run across a rude or mean spirited  person, but if you work with the public, you know they are out there.  Thankfully, they are in the minority. There’s a difference between  someone who is  dissatisfied with service and someone who genuinely enjoys being contrary. It’s  easier to deal Continue Reading

District’s failure to meet AYP assists at-risk students

Rhonda Humble Publisher The Spring Hill school district failed to meet the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for 2011. That’s the bad news. The AYP was established as a benchmark of improvement in the controversial federal 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). But like every dark cloud, there’s a ray of sunshine in USD 230’s Continue Reading