May 23, 2015

OUR VIEW: The world awaits the graduates of Gardner Edgerton and Spring Hill high schools

High school graduates, there is one thing we hope you have learned during your 12 years of school: Take nothing for granted and know that life is never about what you did yesterday, but your worth is measured only by …

OUR VIEW: Timely update of KOMA, KORA welcome

What’s the point of having a law requiring that government officials conduct business in the sunshine by providing access to public records when the elected leader tasked with enforcing the law cheerleads a Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) loophole large …

OUR VIEW: Guests of community treated to its best

Town was buzzing this week with what makes Gardner special.
Cities reflect the personalities of those who reside there; and despite this weekend’s gloomy weather, Gardner’s best face was shining.
Streets were filled with smiling faces, and driveways were …

Tax Freedom Day a day later this year

Congratulations, you’re working for yourself now. Prior to April 24, every penny you earned went to feed the monstrous government bureaucracy.
Tax Freedom Day arrived this year on April 24 – three days later than last year. The non-partisan Tax …

Council poised to demand change for changes’ sake

Council members appear perilously close to hosting a pointless, directionless work session in the near future.
Members of the Gardner City Council acquiesced to a demand from council members Rich Melton and Lee Moore to host an eventual work session …

Mayor congratulates city council election winners

Chris Morrow
Mayor of Gardner
With the 2015 Gardner City Council election completed and certified by the state of Kansas and Johnson County, I offer hearty congratulations to newly elected Council members Lee Moore and Rich Melton and re-elected incumbent …

OUR VIEW: Kansas legislators need to keep promise to voters with spending cuts

Conservative legislators seem poised to break a promise to voters not to raise taxes. Though the Legislature cut taxes two years ago, a budget deficit looms.
The Kansas Legislature is on hiatus until the veto session, which begins April 29. …

College athletics overshadow college academics

John Schrock
Guest Columnist
“March Madness” is over. Now name the strong academic programs at Duke University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Kentucky, or Michigan State University?
Most Americans can identify their mascots. Most can tell you which …

OUR VIEW: Hard work begins for recently-elected council, board members

Now the hard work begins.
For far too long, Gardner has been marginalized by the project to its west, the intermodal. Although that project has largely been finalized by Edgerton, real challenges remain for our school districts and councils in …

Stop blaming borrowers, hold predatory lenders accountable

LeeAnn Hall
Guest Columnist
Years after Toni Potter’s husband passed away from pancreatic cancer, debt collectors in her state of Washington were still relentlessly hounding her about his hospital bills.
Andrea Anderson, a young student in Oregon, has been saddled …