February 9, 2016

Candidates miss report deadline

Danedri Thompson
Two former candidates for Gardner City Council have yet to file campaign finance reports. By state statute, candidates for office in cities of the second class, like Gardner, are required to file finance reports by Dec. 31 of the year in which the election was held.
The Johnson County Election Office has not yet received reports from Dustin “Duck” Martin and Bill Sutton.
Sutton is currently running to replace Rep. Mike Kiegerl in the Kansas House of Representatives.
“I spent very little, but I need to turn it in,” Sutton said. “I will do that.”
All six of the other candidates met the filing deadline.
Council member Chris Morrow spent $1,085 on his campaign. He was the highest vote getter in the April 2011 council election.
Of the three council winners, former council member Dennis Pugh spent the least. According to his report, Pugh contributed $66.97 to his 2011 campaign. He retained $251 from his 2009 campaign.
Council member Larry Fotovich spent $560 for his campaign, although $140 worth of expenditures is listed as refunds to contributors.
Campaign finance reports can now be viewed online through the Johnson County Election Office web site at www.jocoelection.org/CampaignReports/CampaignReportsDisc.html. Recently filed reports may not be immediately available.


  1. Pretty bold says:

    to not file a campaign finance report for a past election and THEN file to be a candidate for another office. Wow. Wonder what kind of reponse time constituents can expect from him if he’s elected as state representative.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    BUT, he is against abortion…………………..

  3. And he is Republican. You can do anything you want in Johnson County with those attributes. Laws don’t apply.

  4. State of Affairs says:

    Until Tiller’s death, Kansas was known as “the late-term abortion capital of the world”.

  5. State of Affairs says:

    Guess birth control is the #1 issue/concern of our country. (The media drilled the Republican Presidential candidates for 1 hour last Saturday night on birth control, sex, etc.)

    I mistakenly thought our country was in a financial crisis–jobless, housing crisis, etc.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    I have always said the politicians could be robbing people or worse right before their eyes and if those jokers talked about being against abortion, birth control, etc., the people would think they were saints – go figure……………..the priorities are screwed everywhere you look in my opinion. Most people don’t look for the PROXIMATE CAUSE, which is the total loss of moral values by so many, that is bringing problems to them by the boat load.

  7. Judith, they have no morals. They were not taught. They are amoral. They believe whatever they want is right, and anyone who disagrees should hit the highway.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    I wonder if they have a court for moral bankruptcy??????

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