February 14, 2016

Candidate filing deadline delayed to June 11

An impasse in the Kansas Legislature means a later filing deadline for those seeking elective state offices or national offices.

The Kansas Secretary of State’s Office announced the 10-day delay via Twitter on May 10.

Initially slated for June 1, candidates now have until noon on Monday, June 11 to file to run for the state Senate, House and school board and for Congress.

The Kansas Senate and House have yet to agree on redistricting boundaries. Primary elections are still slated for Aug. 7, but those, too, could be pushed back if the Kansas Legislature fails to approve reapportionment boundaries.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Love how Jaybird Kobach makes this announcement on Twitter, no less……..he thinks he is so cool and he is nothing more than another leech on the people’s backs.

    Ole Nick Jordan is showing his fantastic management skills with the awsome new Motor Vehicle computer system. That department has been poorly run for YEARS. I have a strong feeling the main reason for all of the low bar service again for that department is because they have provided the employees with little or no training on the new system and don’t have the IT personnel in place to make the system run as it should. Brownie and his clones are showing the people EXACTLY what they will get from his administration and the adverse affects are just beginning just like that industrial wasteland outside of Gardner. You get what you enable and support and it sure isn’t going to be pretty. There will be much gnashing of teeth in the years ahead and the people have brought so much of it on themselves.

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