February 8, 2016

Brownlee out as Secretary of Labor

Mark Taylor
Karin Brownlee (R-Olathe) is no longer Kansas Secretary of Labor.
Gov. Sam Brownback announced Sept. 20 that Brownlee is out as secretary, but did not give a reason for her departure.
On the same day, Brownback appointed Lana Gordon and Michael Copeland as deputy secretaries of the Department of Labor.
Gordon, who represented the 52nd House District for 12 years, will serve as interim secretary of labor until a new appointee is named.
Copeland, mayor of Olathe since 2001, is expected to continue in that role in addition to his new job in Topeka.


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:
  2. Gardnerwhos says:

    Brownlee paid her dues in the Republican party – and by paid her dues I mean scratched backs, granted favors and kissed a lot of a$$ (including selling this community out to BNSF, but that’s another story) to get on Brownback’s cabinet. She must’ve really pissed off the King of Brownbackistan in order to lose her seat. I wonder what she’s done? Well, I can see that this darling of the Conservative movement has been easily replaced by another.

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