February 13, 2016

Brief power outage affects part of Gardner

Some Gardner customers experienced a brief power outage about 7:50 a.m. on June 15.

According to Gardner Electric, the outage happened when employees were inspecting and repairing equipment damaged during recent vandalism.

During the work, a relay failed and a substation transformer tripped off line, causing a three minute outage to part of the city.

Vandals damaged electronic equipment that controls one of the substation transformers at the Santa Fe Sub during a break-in on May 29.


  1. GardnerPride says:

    Jared Taylor wants a refund for his 3 lost minutes.

  2. GardnerPride: Now that was rather funny……….but remember Gardner Energy who caused the outage will be Johnny on the Spot to tell you about their quick response time…….LOL………..

  3. Just as concerned says:

    Judith, give them a break on this one, the power was out for a whole 3 minutes.

    Jarod, I know you haven’t said anything here, but shut up anyway, your rants are ridiculous.

  4. I’ll give Gardner Energy a break when they are worthy of the trust of the Gardner citizens. When they pulled that manipulative stunt of increasing franchise fees paid to the city of Gardner so there would be money for increase employee salaries, they lost my respect and trust. They are supposed to be giving the best electrical service to the people at the LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE. They don’t need to be involved in the political games but hey, just look at who is on the Electric Board and you will know who supports and condones Drovetta style cronyism government which costs the citzens and arm and a leg……….

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