February 11, 2016

UPDATED (Friday, June 18, 2010): Allen Group submits rezoning request to city of Edgerton

Corbin H. Crable

The Allen Group of Kansas City has submitted a request to the city of Edgerton to rezone land near the proposed intermodal facility.
The request would rezone from agricultural to business land located 1,450 feet south of U.S. 56 on Waverly Road, according to an announcement made by City Administrator David Dillner late Thursday morning.

Accompanying the request is a site plan for a 312,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center. City of Edgerton staff and the Johnson County Planning Department are reviewing the request and proposed site plan.
According to Patrick Robinson, director of engineering for the Allen Group’s Kansas City office, if the rezoning is approved and the warehouse built, a company called Demdaco would occupy the space.  The Leawood, Kan.-based firm specializes in the manufacture of gifts and figurines. The warehouse would employ approximately 150 people.

Dillner confirmed Friday morning that if the Edgerton City Council approves the rezoning and the warehouse does come to town, it would receive a large financial boost in the form of a 75-percent tax abatement.

The council next week also is expected to approve the Allen Group’s proposed Logistics Park Zoning District Regulations, which outline in detail everything from architectural design standards for the buildings that will occupy land on the logistics park, standards for signage,  standards for lighting, and standards for parking and loading/unloading cargo.

The city’s Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on the proposed rezoning at 7 p.m. July 13 at City Hall, 404 E. Nelson St.
More information will be reported on this site and in our print edition as it becomes available.


  1. And this sweet deal going to a company, the Allen Group, that has recently went bankrupt on their warehouse development located by an intermodal near Dallas. Told Dillner very nicely today what I thought of his words, actions and inaction along with those of the Edgerton Mayor and Council on this intermodal development. The risks they are placing on the families in this area and across the state of Kansas are worthy of arrest in my opinion. Limited information is given so far on this deal – wait until you hear the full details – the hair on the back of your head should stand straight up.

  2. McDonald says:

    To bad they didn’t ask to rezone inside Gardner. That would be great!

  3. I count my blessings every day that the intermodal project does not have Gardner’s name on it but oh how the status quo and their cronies still lament that fact. The financial rape, the illness and premature deaths and the total loss of quality of life is just beginning – not going to be a pretty picture to watch or suffer through. So many worthless politicians and government bureaucrats, big biz, developers and other special interest blood suckers involved in this travesty. You are getting a nice big fat sales tax increase on July 1 – the beginning of many you will be seeing or similiar increases – the average citizen pays dearly to keep those so-called representatives and the money mongers going. People worry about China owning our country – that starts right in your own backyard with deals of this nature – you will never stop paying for this one.

  4. McDonald says:

    Judith, you are paranoid. Whether you be in the Edge or Gardner News you have lost it. Please try not to disgrace the GN as you did with the Edge.

  5. Tough toenails, McDonald, if you don’t like the message. I get lots crammed down my throut from the Gardner status quo – you too need to be reminded about freedom of speech in the U.S. I have hopes that the Gardner News doesn’t control the message like the Solies controlled the message that was put to the people through the Gardner Edge. Perhaps the Gardner News is not an instrument to be used for certain people such as the Beasley lynch mob but a true source of democracy for all where any citizen may voice their opinions. You must really have a fear of me, McDonald, to once again do the hate mongering of me by saying I am paranoid and even worse as was done on the Gardner Edge. Say what you will, McDonald, but again I can already see the fear in your eyes that my opinion may be considered by others.

  6. Jack Burden says:

    Judith there is so much I agree with you on, but you allow your harangue to go on to the point where you lose people. It’s like listening to a tirade in a thunderstorm. Try being pithy for a change.

    Personally I’m still curious whether or not the HELP lawsuit against the Army corps of engineers will prevail.

  7. Well, Jack, I still say there are lots of people who don’t like to hear the truth or to be reminded of it on a regular basis. If I lose those people then I don’t feel I have lost much because they sure aren’t doing the people much good. Please let me know what you mean by being “pithy” – sounds like something I don’t want to get.

  8. Jack Burden says:

    Pithy: Brief, forceful,and meaningful

  9. Judith is right. We should all be thankful for what BNSF has done for our community. It’s terrible that we weren’t able to get them into Gardner. Because of this we now have to deal with these sales tax increases due to the lack of income tax the Intermodal would have brought into Gardner. It seems she’s one of the only people who understand this. At least they will still be contributing jobs and tax revenue for the state of Kansas.

  10. Tommy, I am laughing so hard from your comment that I have a pain in my side.

    However, your comments are really not funny since they are indicative of how uninformed and uneducated people are as to what is happening to their bank accounts while they are required to subsidize and line the big boys pockets. Also with respect to the jobs – that is another joke. The social costs will only continue to increase as many of these jobs will not even pay enough for a family to exist and to say nothing about the medical costs you will have to be paying for those who can’t now work because of disease from the pollution.

    Also, Tommy, you certainly misquoted me since there has never been a time I have said I am grateful for what BNSF has done for our community other than to get their sorry rearends out of our community.

    Many have the vision the size of the top of a needle rather than looking at the big picture and seeing how this project is nothing but a perfect example of privatizing gains and socializing costs and losses and that “socializing” part includes you, Tommy.

    P.S. to Jack: I would say my comments with respect to the truth are very pithy including concise, meaningful in expression and forceful – I have never felt more forceful and will continue to be in my words with respect to the intermodal travesty.

  11. I would like to thank you Judith for your help in getting Shepherd and Peters recalled. Your terrible attitude and rude comments helped people vote yes to recall them.

    Welcome BNSF to the area and all the tax dollars you’ll bring with you.

    The Gardner News will thank you as well if you do for them what you did for the Edge. You’re a superstar!

  12. I didn’t help get Shepherd and Peters recalled. Lowlifes who voted yes got them recalled and those same people went along with the lies and hate brought to you by people such as the Beasley lynch mob and your good ole status quo group who has been around Gardner for years and doesn’t like someone in office who they cannot control or at least how they vote, like they can with Schultz and some others.

    I always like how worthless politicians and government bureaucrats will post a rezoning notice such as this one and yet will not tell you what it is for, how it will be financed, how the people will lose millions in tax revenue, especially school tax revenue, how they don’t care what the people will be making in salaries or benefits who will work in the warehouse and on and on. Those worthless politicians will never be forthcoming – you have to wring the truth from them and always wonder what you haven’t asked and what they won’t tell unless forced to. This is a perfect example of how the people will be subsidizing, enabling and supporting BNSF, the Allen Group and other companies who leech off of others thru worthless politicians who give them whatever they ask for but certainly don’t protect the citizens in any way.

    This will be the first of many sweet deals where the people will only get 25 cents on the dollar in tax revenue that is due them. You are getting a nice hefty sales tax increase the first of July, 2010 – the first of many along with increase of fees and many other types of tax increases (hidden if at all possible just like these re-zoning requests never tell you all the facts). Your local school board is more than happy to sue you with taxpayer dollars for more school tax dollars but they sure don’t know how to show up at a city council meeting and fight for their school families and saying NO, we can’t afford to lose these school tax dollars to subsidize the special interests. You would think their school families would be their special interests but as they have shown time and time again, they are most happy to play or be involved in the dirty, rotten politics with other worthless politicians who don’t give fig about the average citizen.

    Now tell me how you really want this project that will cost you a pretty dollar while making you sick and destroying your quality of life. Tell me again how wonderful it all is going to be when the trucks start rolling……….


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