February 10, 2016

Bond issue ballots mailed Jan. 12

Mark Taylor
Ballots for the USD 231 bond issue were mailed to voters on Jan. 12.
The mail ballots are due back at the Johnson County Election Office by noon on Jan. 31.
The school district is proposing $72 million bond issue for new elementary and middle schools, a new multi-purpose activity center at the high school,  renovations to existing schools, technology upgrades and refinancing site acquisitions.
The ballot question reads:
“Shall Unified School District No. 231, Johnson County, Kansas (Gardner-Edgerton), issue school district general obligation bonds in an amount not exceeding $72,790,000 to pay the cost to acquire sites and acquire, construct, equip, furnish, repair, remodel or make additions to buildings used for school district purposes including (a) constructing, equipping and furnishing a new elementary school, a new middle school and a new multipurpose activity center addition to the high school, (b) repairing, renovating, remodeling, making additions to and equipping and furnishing existing school district facilities, (c) making technology upgrades and improvements, (d) refinancing the acquisition of sites for school district purposes and (e) making all other necessary improvements to school district facilities and paying fees and expenses incidental thereto, all pursuant to K.S.A. 10-101 et seq., K.S.A. 25-431 et seq., K.S.A. 25-2018(f), K.S.A. 72-6761 and K.S.A. 75-2315 et seq.?”


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    My hot “NO” will be returned faster than lightning. We haven’t even paid off the bond we already have and there is no way do I feel the citizens of this school district can afford a $72 MILLION debt considering with interest I feel sure you are talking about more than $100 MILLION and much of that bond for non-education items and you also will face at least a 2 mill increase on your city taxes with this bond issue. Gilhaus and the School Board have gone way too far this time and their arrogance, manipulation and conniving that I have experienced and seen time and time again are more building blocks to the stack that tells me a change of the guard is NECESSARY and most of all for the youth of this district – their priorities and moral standards are not meeting the criteria for responsible leadership in my opinion.

  2. State of Affairs says:

    Must be the new wave/style. Family in Western Kansas (a small community like Gardner-Edgerton) will also be voting on a school bond. Closing the middle school and sports arena in the smaller town; busing the school kids to the larger town so they can utilize the school teachers there (putting the school teachers in the smaller town out of work); AND SO THAT THEY CAN BUILD A NEWER SPORTS ARENA. Consensus there is that it will not pass. LOL.

    Industry there is a prison, farming, adult book stores, and churches. What else is needed?

  3. Derp

  4. Amused citizen says:

    I have the answer for our school problem. First we make it illegal to have any more children with the Gardner Edgerton school district. Second we stop all new housing construction. Third we close down the district so no new families can move in. We can treat it like one of those fancy night clubs and only allow the same number of kids to start school that graduated the year before. If you don’t make the cut the first year your name will be on the list for the next year. As enrollment starts to drop we can turn the old empty schools into old folk’s homes. Oh and let’s not forget, no sports, no music, no extracurricular activities at all. Why that just brings strangers to our town and fills our restaurants full of people eating and possibly stopping and filling their fuel tanks with our gas, such a horrible thing. Maybe just maybe Gardner can go back to being that tiny pimple of 2,000 people on the edge of Johnson County. Then Judith, State, Senior and others can set in rockers out front of the empty buildings on Main Street and complain about the weather

  5. The sky is NOT falling! says:
  6. Judith Rogers says:

    The sky has ALREADY fallen long ago in our halls of government shame…………..along with worthless people who think serious issues are subjects of amusement………..being the court jester carries very little responsbility – just the way you like it…………..

  7. State of Affairs says:

    My, my, Amused. Aren’t we cute.

  8. Amused, I did not comment on this thread, but you address me. Please know while I’m sitting in my rocker; it’s paid for. Not with plastic, but with hard-earned money. I also have a small bank account; that’s different from a payday loan. Nobody’s bailed me out. I don’t cry foul when someone disagrees with me, and I am not on the government payroll – either a weekly check, monthly benefit or food stamps. I’m from the pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps generation; not the “me” generation. I know the meaning of duty, honesty, loyalty, commitment and integrity. Maybe when you gain a little wisdom, you’ll be less amused.

  9. Parma Way says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but how are we going to pay for this?

  10. amused citizen says:

    I do apologies senior, I don’t know you any more then you know me, so don’t assume to put me in the description you gave. I grew up in a small town on a Dairy farm. I worked two jobs while finishing college, and I work for everything I got without hand outs as well. So again don’t assume anything about me and I will stop assuming anything about you. And I hope you enjoy your paid for rocker when Gardner becomes smashed between Edgerton and Olathe.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    Amused citizen doesn’t seem to realize Gardner has ALWAYS been between Edgerton and Olathe, however, I feel sure all will be wishing they lived somewhere else in the years to come because of the words, actions, inaction and voting record of many………………..

  12. Amused citizen says:

    Hey Judith I am talking about Gardner becoming land locked.. like Lenexa. And I agree about the words actions and Inaction of many TBG for one. I agree that both parties in the town, TBG or the current administration are horrible in their actions. Everyone from the Mayor to the city clerk are interested in pointing fingers and placing blame rather than trying to fix the problem. Fotovich asks the questions but he is not smart enough to propose a good solution. We have big city problems with little city mentality. To many of the folks in Gardner still believe we are a city of 8,000. With our wonderful little trailer courts and gorgeous low rent housing being some of the first things you see coming into the city. Guess what we are a city of 20,000. Like it or not we are going to continue to grow and will continue to fight the big city problems. So my suggestion is to fire everyone at the next elections, City council, and school board. And then say anyone who has lived in Gardner for more than 10 years need not run. Time for fresh blood. And to quote your most favorite line…THAT’S MY OPIONION.

  13. Charlie K says:

    Don’t forget about the cronyism Judith! He will definately wish he lived somewhere else because of the cronyism government and worthless thieves lining their pockets!

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    And I like how Amused Citizen knows it all but fails to take ownership of his lovely opinions………sure couldn’t count on him in time of need because he won’t even stand up for his words, much less his actions…………..

  15. VOTE YES!!!!!

  16. Amused citizen says:

    Because my dear Judith I have a stake in this town and these schools. Rather than you, that just acts like it is a place to drop my arse and complain about how life has delivered me a raw deal. If I was to put my real name you and others would find it very amusing to begin to stalk and harass my family and friends. And don’t say it will not happen because we have all seen the posts about it happening. So you just continue to set up there on your mightier than thou throne and cast judgment upon anyone and everyone that disagrees with you. I feel sorry for you and one day hope you find inner peace .

  17. Judith Rogers says:

    I am peace every day because I have the courage, ethics, integrity, character to call out lowlifes such as yourself and if you are talking about those who stalk and do the lie and hate campaigns, then you fit right in there with the Beasley Bunch and others who work in the closed door back rooms. I have an interest in this town, the schools and the people or I wouldn’t take the time to come here, under my full identity, and talk about my concerns but you can’t hack people like myself who bring the truth to bear because that TRUTH really cuts into your methods of operation. So just keep it up – you are wasting your time thinking I will be going down with my mouth shut.

  18. Hold on a second now Judith, why are you specifically calling out amused citizen and not everyone else?

    What about those two lowlife no-namers State of Affairs and Senior? Aren’t they worthless scum who hide their identity and don’t take ownership of their words too? Or is that just the people who don’t agree with you?

  19. Judith would you agree with me that the sky is blue?

  20. State of Affairs says:

    I thankfully go to work and pay my bills. When I get an extra dollar, I get notice that I have to pay 2 extra dollars. When does it stop?

  21. Judith Rogers says:

    Regardless of who is involved, I believe you take ownership of your words, actions and inaction. Sign your name and step up to the plate.

  22. Charlie bust her chops, she defines you as a low life, REALLY!!!!! She has kids and some to follow. WE HAVE IT CHEAP……BLUE VALLEY SPENT $270,000,000.00 WE ARE RIGHT INLINE WITH THERE USELESSNESS. The entire metro is broke, I’m glad I’m and old timer…….

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