February 13, 2016

BOCC to consider extending planning agreement with Edgerton

Mark Taylor
The Johnson County Board of Commissioners will consider renewing a contract with the city of Edgerton for planning services on Dec. 8.
The city and county entered a one-year agreement in December 2010 for planning review and zoning code enforcement related to the intermodal logistics park under construction in Edgerton.
The 440-acre intermodal and adjacent 550-acre logistics park are expected to open in late 2013.
According to Dean Palos, director of planning for the county, the agreement stipulates that “county planning staff provides advice, consultation, and recommendations regarding development applications and the city provide personnel and clerical support in administering applications.
“The cooperative effort and coordination between the county and the city has been beneficial to both parties.”
The new agreement would be in force for three years and could be terminated by either the county or the city with 30 days notice.
The county will bill the city an hourly rate ranging from $35 to $80 for the services.
“It’s anticipated that it will continue to require county planners approximately 18 to 20 hours to process routine applications and from 20 to 40-plus hours for more complex ones,” Palos said. “Assuming an estimate average of $60 per hour, the estimated charge to the city for one application might range between $1,080 to $2,400 plus travel and approved miscellaneous expenses, which would be reimbursed by the city.”


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I have known for years that it was due to the combined political efforts by the city, the county and the state that we will be enduring the horror story that we will all be living with on that intermodal. And I know very well that the average citizen will be paying the astronomical costs for that project at every level of government here in Kansas and suffering terrible adverse affects and losing our quality of life in so many ways – city, county and state tax dollars will be used and the people will be the ones paying those tax dollars.

    The other day I posted a scathing e-mail I sent to Mike Press and brought out how other parties enable the wrongdoing that goes on and that costs the citizens in so many ways. Here is an article about our lovely Secretary of State – http://joco913.com/news/our-moonlighting-secretary-of-state/. Steve Rose may seem like he is picking on Kobach – well, he is. Just like I pick on different bureaucrats and/or worthless politicians when it is called for – I WANT THEM OUT OF OFFICE AND/OR EMPLOYMENT. They are profiteering and doing me no good whatsoever.

  2. State of Affairs says:

    Heard there are 2 options for the residents of Edgerton to pay for the water/sewer set-up for the intermodal. One would cost the residents of Edgerton an added fee of $12 a month and the other one an added fee of $174 a month. Haven’t heard what the Edgerton City Council plans to charge the Edgerton residents. I know the water/sewer fees are very very high already. And, Edgerton property taxes the highest taxed town in the State of Kanas.

  3. High property taxes says:

    Edgerton has comparatively no in-town business to offset the expense of keeping the town, such as it is, running. Without business, the taxes come from the citizens.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Business won’t help with taxes or costs unless they PAY them………most of the thieves the politicians cater to and enable and support want the SWEET DEALS to come or to stay…….ALL entities within a community need to meet their responsiblities to a community but those worthless politicians and bureaucrats who line the pockets of the thieves are not helping the citizens one iota. Business wants educated workers, roads, water, waste management, police and fire protections, etc., etc. – well, then they are going to have to pay their FULL TAXES just like the ordinary citizens do and they also don’t need to be bringing adverse affects to the people to live with because there are certain things money cannot buy. Enticing business entities to come to your community with handouts and sweet deals will NEVER pay off for the people – so many of these lowlifes come only to financially rape and pillage the people and so many of them offer wages that are NOT livable, no benefits, etc. and they will come and go as they please and offer little or no security for the community at large. Be careful of what you let enter your into your homes and your community – choose carefully, very, very carefully and also monitor constantly. Be careful of what you wish for and know the difference between propaganda and the truth of a matter.

  5. You Forgot... says:


    You forgot to add “- that is my opinion”. I also don’t see anything about cronies, connivers, or backstabbers.

    You’re starting to lose your edge. Focus!

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    Glad to see you are recognizing the lowlifes…………

  7. State of Affairs says:

    What about great-grandma & other residents of Edgerton? How can they pay maybe $174 a month more for water/sewer fees for the intermodal and rising property taxes? Wonder what Edgerton City Council will ask of the residents? The Edgerton residents didn’t get to vote on the intermodal. And, some Gardnerites have a hissy fit that Gardner doesn’t have the financial responsibility of the intermodal.

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