February 5, 2016

BOCC approves condemnation for 191st Street

Mark Taylor

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners on Sept. 29 voted 5-2 to condemn right-of-way along 191st Street between Four Corners and Waverly Roads.

The condemnation follows a December 2009 agreement with the city of Edgerton for road improvements to serve the intermodal logistics park, which is slated to open in late 2013.

Commissioners were told right-of-way aquisition and utility relocations are necessary for the project.

Commissioners Michael Ashcraft and Jason Osterhaus voted against the measure.

Staff said they would continue negotiations with the owners of nine tracts of land during the condemnation process.

“The property owners, in general, believe they are entitled to significantly more than the appraisals would suggest is just compensation,” Hannes Zacharias, county manager, wrote in a memo to commissioners. “While it is possible that an agreement may still be reached with some of the owners, it appears that a condemnation action is inevitable.”

Zacharias added, “All the owners have been notified of the county’s need to move forward with the condemnation process but that we are still receptive to a fair settlement if possible.”

He said the condemnation process usually takes six to eight weeks to complete.


  1. Charlie K says:

    Just another example of the government taking care of the big boys and the cronyism government in Gardner and dictator Drovetta and blah blah blah.

    Oh sorry, didn’t mean to take your place Judith.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Did you enjoy that Charlie???? Hope you got your chuckles……………..you might want to talk to Ex-County Commissioner Wood who swore none of those roads would be closed and I knew at the time he would be out voted somewhere along the line. Have fun paying for and living with your intermodal and being the gateway to the freight corridor brought to you by you know who!!!!!

  3. Charlie K says:

    Yes, I did enjoy that, thanks Judith. You have to be able to laugh at the little things.

    Well I guess as long as I want to live in Gardner I have no choice but to live with the intermodal. And all your complaining, accusations, and wild conspiracy theories can’t change that. If only there was some way that we could get some benefit from the intermodal in addition to dealing with the headaches. Maybe if we had put it within Gardner city limits we could be getting some revenue from it instead of just additional traffic? I guess that makes too much sense for you and the TBG crew though doesn’t it?

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Yeah, Charlie, enlighten me with all of the “good” that will come with that intermodal……..I am all ears.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    P.S. If you had put that monstrosity within the Gardner city limits, you would have been paying thru the nose even more than you are now and way deeper in debt and BNSF would own your town and your life. Give me some more Drovetta propaganda like the ole “If You Can’t Beat’ Em – Tax ‘Em” and then he brings home 15 cents on the dollar for you and costs that will never end in order to take care of the thieves. Take a drive down to Argentine and see what you will be living with and tell me about the “good” things you see along the avenues of intermodal land. Stop at the local KC, Ks. police department and check the crime rates and check out the schools in intermodal land. I know who brought that horror story to my doorstep and the names of Drovetta and Lehman and the Jo. Co. Commissioners and Brownlee and others will be stamped in my brain and I sure am not thanking them. Their rigged processes, back room deals and all of the other crappy deals will never bring paradise on the prairie in my opinion and time will tell all as to what they will enduring – especially those who cannot afford to move and whose property values will never be what they used to be. Put your gas mask on and sit back in your recliner and enjoy.

  6. Charlie K says:

    Certainly, just as soon as you enlighten me of all the good that will come out of what the TBG crew did by putting it in Edgerton instead of Gardner. Give me some of that TBG crew propaganda of how ‘we can stop them from coming here if we just de-annex the land’. That worked out well now didn’t it?

    How about YOU take a drive down to Argentine and stay there because Gardner as a whole is sick of you?

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    The good will be that you will be saved millions of dollars but I am sure you don’t see it that way. Again, tell me about the paradise on the prairie that intermodal will bring me, Charlie. And in case you haven’t figured it out, Charlie – I don’t care what others think – I march to my own drummer and to myself I will always be true.

  8. What others think? says:

    @Judith: Don’t care what others think? Liar If you REALLY don’t care what others think, why do you spend so much arguing with people about how wrong they’re thinking?

  9. Gardner got to vote on the intermodal. Edgerton did not get to vote on the intermodal. Everybody save your dollars for the Bubba Starling toll road the Governor Brownbeck wants. Pay to leave your house & to come home. Edgerton paying for the sewer system, etc. Someone posted they thought the railroad was paying. Did people get duped???

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    I put my opinions out there just as any citizen may do so. What bothers you is that I have the right to do so. Why does my opinion bother you so??? Because it is not your opinion?? Are you afraid for my voice to be out there? I call the discussions a form of debate which, in my opinion, are always good for the citizens at large – I don’t consider edicts or my way or the highway methods or done deals or rigged processes beneficial – my mind is always questioning, always searching for the two sides to any issue, always looking for the truth, always wanting all of the information I can find in order to make an informed decision. I do spend time thinking, researching, etc. since I am not one to drink any entity’s koolaid if I can help it.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    Yes, Granny, the roads will be paved in gold…………the citizens at large will be paying for those roads of gold plus a whole lot more…………it is just beginning……….

  12. Two sides? says:

    What a load of hooey, Judith. Anyone who’s ever ready anything you’ve posted can see that there’s only ever “Judith’s side” to any issue. You even try to tell me what MY side is, apparently without even READING my previous post.

    Like I said before, you fret so much about what others think that you have to try to make up words to put into their mouths for them when they don’t say what you want them to hear.

  13. Charlie K says:

    Ha! What a joke Judith! I might get some chuckles from my comments but yours are absolutely hysterical!

    Give me a break, no one is ‘afraid’ of your opinion. You have to actually make some sense before the mighty ‘powers that be’ would be afraid of you. Though I’m sure the mighty city government here in Gardner would put all their effort into sensoring you, the great voice of the people.

    No Judith, no one is afraid of your opinion. We are just tired of hearing you blast it on loop on this forum day in and day out. What’s more than the constant repitition of your opinion is that it is made all the more tiresome by the fact that it is just that, opinion. You never have any facts to back anything you say up and you will not enter into a logical discussion or debate with anyone here. You instead just keep repeating your same buzz words and personally attacking others because they don’t post under their real name.

    Oh and careful there Judith, don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back so hard.

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    You guys sure love to continue to read my postings and commenting on them though while they give you acid reflux………you nonamer backstabbers are a kind of your own…………I enjoy the banter with Gardner’s Finest………..and I have my opinions on those finest cowards…….the wind is blowing pretty hard today and I know where the hot air comes from…………..I will leave it to the underage drinkers to hurt their arms and elbows as they bring those libations to their lips…….

  15. Charlie K says:

    Your period key is stuck again Judith. Fantastic retort by the way though I would have thought someone as intellegent and thoughtful as you claim to be would’ve done better.

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