February 7, 2016

Board to sit on option for contract extension

Board members will not make a decision about extending Gardner Edgerton USD 231 Superintendent Bill Gilhaus’ contract until May. Gilhaus has a two-year, 10 month contract that expires in 2016. The contract includes an option to extend the contract by one year in March.
However, board members agreed they will delay any discussion about a one-year contract extension until May. Members reached the decision after an executive, or closed door, session at the tail end of the Feb. 10 meeting.


  1. Uh Oh…Trouble in Camelot.

    Perhaps the new board members actually took time to read what’s IN the contract before approving it. (my opinion)

    If you read the current contract it is an abhorrent slap in the face to USD 231 Patrons.

    Like Gilhaus stated a couple of months ago in a meeting; “This wouldn’t have happened with the old board.”

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