February 11, 2016

Board members agree to event fee increase

Although students have paid an additional $1 to attend events at Gardner Edgerton High School in the past year, parents now will actually pay less to attend those same events, thanks to action taken by the Board of Education.

Board members unanimously voted on May 9 to raise the price for a GEHS Family Activity Pass from $30 to $40. The pass allows the holder admission to 10 events throughout a given academic year.

Before last June, a single admission to athletic events cost $3 for students and $5 for adults.

However, those prices increased in June 2010 to $4 for students and $6 for adults, according to a memo from GEHS Activities Director Kent Glaser. The $40 increase now means that although students will pay the same amount for 10 admissions at $4 apiece, adults will save $2 on each admission.

Glaser said that on a separate note, the price for a Gardner Edgerton High School Student Activity Pass will remain the same this year, at $20 each.

“Increasing the Family Activity Pass to $40 takes the pass back to its original intent of allowing families to enter at the lowest ticket price,” Glaser noted in his memo.

— Corbin H. Crable


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    We old fogies get an even better deal. USD 231 offers Golden Passes at no charge for any district resident who is age 65 or older. The pass grants senior citizens free admission to all home activities at all USD 231 schools, with the exception of KSHSAA State Tournament events.

    To obtain your passes, contact Merle Schick, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, in the District Offices Building at 231 E. Madison, Gardner, during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. Her office number is 913-856-2006.

  2. Gardner, KS says:

    Probably not a good idea considering GE Athletics will not compete with their league as much as they have in the past. The attendance numbers will decrease with the combination of mediocre teams coupled with higher admission prices.

  3. Well, the County will give those 60 or older a free meal every day of the month thru the Champss program where they don’t vett citizens to see if they are truly needy and the school district will give them a free ball game. As I have said before, lots of people walking around with their hand out and getting that hand filled thru taxpayer dollars and many, many of these people can fully afford to pay their own way. Wonder why you have financial problems at every level of government – here are just a couple of reasons and there are thousands and thousands more just like these two. And the good ole politicians just love to talk about these giveaways – especially at election time – that should be your first clue to NOT VOTE FOR THEM. The taxpayer money is not getting to those truly in need – in so many instances it is going to the takers and those takers are in every part of society today.

  4. @gardner says:

    Wow Gardner, really mediocre teams, 18 seniors from the football team out of what 175 players 3 seniors from basketball out of what 40. And obviously you have no idea what is coming in to this high school. Starling was a once in a lifetime all around athlete but by no means should you be talking like Gardner sports is going to dry up and blow away. The coming years are going to show the true depth of all the athletes in Gardner. So buy your passes or sit at home and cry on your Starling baseball jersey.

  5. @ @gardner says:

    I don’t think you realize the extent Starling had on the football team. They won games not because of their defense, but because Starling was able to score at will on long runs. They are not going to continue to outscore their opponents if they have trouble stopping them on defense. In addition, they had a stud SR running back. I would not be surprised they ended the season .500 next year. That is not a slam on the other players…they are just competing against fierce competition in their league who continue to grow in size with more athletes to choose from. Forget Basketball…the team went 14-8 last season (good, but not great). They lost some key players as well which will translate into a .500 season. I will eat my words if the teams prove me wrong next season…

  6. Judith please tell me how a tax paying 65 plus person is a tax burden by allowing them to go to a game for free. The school does not keep track of the number of people coming to a game and they are not held responsible for not having sell out. So they could fill the stands with people eligible for those free passes. As far as I am concerned everyone with a military ID should get in for free league wide. When you become eligible for these benefits that come with age I would like to be called every time you turn down a discount that goes with your age because who do you think makes up the difference. Glass houses Judith Glass houses.

  7. Kevin: I would think the money collected from the entry fees to games is being used for some good purpose and the funds are needed, not guaranteed but I would hope. Why should a person, just because of age or occupation be not paying if they can afford to pay the price? I certainly hope you totally realize how the decrease of tax and sales tax dollars due to the downturn of the economy has resulted in a great loss of school tax dollars and we need every penny we can get. Of course, on top of that loss of tax revenue, the biggest one you have is the corporate welfare that is totally eating the citizens’ lunches – the state of Kansas would have a good $1 Billion more a year or more if those corporate handouts were not in effect and the Secretary of the Dept. of Revenue told that to you at least two years ago. I am certainly past retirement age and I continue to believe in paying my way and I certainly don’t have the income of many seniors and I continue to help the needy directly since then I know where the money is going. I don’t use any AARP discounts or any discounts of any kind come to my mind that I use. The day could very well come when I will need assistance due to my poor health and I have run out of money but at least in my mind, I have paid as long as I could and my hand will never be held out until I have no other choice – to me it has made my life much more pleasant to give rather than to take from my fellow man. If the legislators would have just cut out one-half of the sales tax exemptions to the special interests last year, they could have avoided the sales tax increase ALL, including the poor who could least afford it, got socked with last July. I know who most of those legislators are working for and to me it sure as heck isn’t the average citizen.

  8. football says:

    I think we need to remember that although Bubba is a stellar athlete, the coaching staff made the team one dimensional. This next year they will be forced to use players to their full potential and mix it up a bit instead of run, run, run. I’m looking forward to another great year at GEHS – boo on you haters!

  9. @ football says:

    Actually, I was disappointed the coaching staff didn’t utilize Starling’s arm more in more of a balanced offense. He posed a threat with his ability to pass. They will not be able to rely on the run near as much. Blue Vally HS (who won state) had a stellar offense that continuously had defenses on their heels. The GE coaches must deepen their playbook in order to have a chance at a successful season. This will be a test for them.

  10. It appears football is the name of the game and of the highest priority here in Gardner………………not education, not financial problems, but football and Friday Night Lights…….I wonder where our country and its citizens will end up……….I know where all of the rowdy friends will be along with Hank…….no wonder we are ending up with one of the largest railyards in the world and about the highest tax rates in the county and the state…………the pit bulls fit in well too…………

  11. @Judith says:

    Judith, how about some facts to add to your now famous opinions. One, it is a fact that kids that are involved in extra curricular activities do better in school, this can be band, sports, cheerleading, dance, and any other clubs available to them. Two, it is because of the big draws like football and basketball that helps pay for those other activities, those groups have the opportunity to raise money by working the concession stands. Three, other communities come here to watch their teams play may just stop and eat or fill up their tank, thus supporting our local businesses. Or how about the amazing community involvement with this school that has been greater in the last 5 years then it has been in years

  12. GardnerPride says:

    You might want to consider the fact that these are sports related comments on the sports related article Judith.

  13. I have heard all of the propaganda before but you can do the ole repeat game all you want – it doesn’t bother me nor does it change my mind about the screwed up priorities I see, the huge school financial problems we have, the ever increasing tax bills with the takers who don’t even want to pay an admission charge when they can well afford to do so or the big boy takers. Many get exactly what they deserve but many don’t deserve what the takers and those who support them bring about. Been around forever but I do believe it is the worst I have seen in my lifetime. I continue to believe that just because I reach a certain age, it gives me no right to a free pass and transfer costs to others and I will continue to believe I should pay my FULL PROPERTY TAXES and other taxes for the needs of the community unlike the special interests who have no problem with evading taxes in any way possible, especially due to cronyism government. Those sweet deals at all levels are putting about every government entity into bankruptcy and when that happens many will have no one but themselves to blame but all will suffer, including myself who don’t believe in the sweet deals. I believe in meeting my responsibilities and not putting or transferring any kind of cost to my fellow man if I can help it. The days of strong moral values of honesty, integrity, ethics, character are quickly becoming extinct as evidenced by the words, actions, inaction and voting records of many, many throughout the U.S.

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