February 11, 2016

Board approves new Gilhaus’ contract

A contract approved May 6 between the USD 231 Board of Education and Superintendent Bill Gilhaus, makes several changes including a base salary reduction and a contract extension thru 2016.
A copy of the contract, and Gilhaus’ retirement agreement, was received under a KORA request by The Gardner News.
Under the August 2012 contract Gilhaus’ base salary for 12 months was $173,929 annually, and the new contract is for $117,723 for 10 months and then $141,267 for 12 months from July 2014 thru 2015. Base salary does not include benefits such as annuity, health benefits, vacation or sick leave or phone and auto allowance.
The contract also stipulates that the new salaries are “Based upon the assumption that, during the Term, the superintendent will be exempt from any KPERS earnings limits applicable to retired licensed school personnel, in accordance with K.S.A. 74-4937(3). Should that statute be repealed or not renewed in substantially its current form to extend past its currently-scheduled expiration date of July 1, 2015, the Superintendent’s annual salary shall be automatically be increased by an amount equal to the KPERS contributions that the Board is required to pay pursuant to” state statute as a consequence of the Superintendent returning to the Board’s employ following his retirement.
At the May 6 board meeting the BOE accepted Gilhaus’ resignation, and then immediately agreed to rehire him after 60 days.
The new contract also has additional wording regarding the superintendent’s duties, benefits, post-termination benefits,
Under duties (section 3) the contract indicates board members must refer all criticism, complaints and suggestions to the superintendent. It also indicates that if responding to an individual board member’s requests impairs Gilhaus’ ability to perform other functions of his job, he can use his discretion on whether to fulfil the elected official’s requests, after duly notifying the board in closed session.
This story will be updated as it is received.
A copy of the new contract and resignation agreement are here:


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Bill Gilhaus and Cheryl Harrison-Lee have proven very clearly that they are working for THEMSELVES and the citizens are only around to bankroll them and then you have slimy, worthless politicians (so called representatives) and bureaucrats and many citizens supporting and enabling them in my opinion. The city of Gardner and USD 231 School Dist. do NOT work for the citizens in my opinion – it is my further opinion based on my experiences with both entities that they are nothing but connivers and manipulators to get what THEY AND THE THIEVES WANT resulting in a high price for the average citizen and a huge loss in many ways to the community. The thieves and bureaucrats of this kind can only take advantage of you if you allow it.

    The people have no one but themselves to blame for both of these lousy government entities. Loss of integrity and ethics was very much shown by those bringing about the recall a couple of years ago plus other occasions and it all has continued to go downhill in many, many ways. What goes around comes around and it is really coming around and the horror story will be continuing for years to come. You reap what you sow. Citizens haven’t been doing what they should have been for years and they have also shown a loss of moral values, ethics, integrity, honesty, character, etc. plus apathy that never ends resulting in huge, huge expensive problems for themselves.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Several local citizens are having a fit about how Gilhaus and the School Board operate and which I have seen the city of Gardner and other government entities also embrace. It was no surprise to me when I read the following headline this morning:

    “Brownback: Closed-door tax talks going well

    Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is not sharing specifics, but he says behind-closed-door meetings between his office and the House and Senate are going well.”

    A deadly cancer is spreading throughout our country – one brought on and enabled and supported by citizens.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    When citizens allow “done deals”, then they will get the governments they deserve along with the accompanying high costs and adverse affects.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Wonder why your tax bill continues to escalate and you are enduring one cut in service/education after another and your wages stagnate? This note of information tells what your politicians and their cronyism governments are doing for you and you find this in every community across the land and the citizens have allowed this to proliferate.

    “Tax breaks aimed at luring businesses – and their jobs – from one state or city to another cost taxpayers $70 BILLION A YEAR by one estimate, and $10 BILLION by another, WITHOUT CREATING JOBS.”

    There is a high price for going along to get along with the thieves and their paid politicians/bureaucrats. These jaybirds thumb their noses to the citizens time and time again and the people sit in their apathy armchairs and some of them are even working with and/or for these wrongdoers.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    While your politicians and bureaucrats are taking care of and enriching the thieves more and more, here is what millions of families are facing. I was one of those 12% in the sixties who was working with a child only 5 months old and of course, I have worked my whole life but never lowered myself to conniving and manipulating in order to transfer my tax burden to a fellow citizen.


    Do you think ole Brownback is taking care of “family values” that he so pontificates about? I hardly think so – he is much more busy meeting with his legislators in secret meetings and working really, really hard for the thieves – that is my opinion based on his words, actions and inaction. Think your USD 231 Board of Education is presenting you with problems? They certainly are plus oodles of lowlifes who you have elected! The poison you have picked is certainly giving many a family hard times and/or a slow death.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    I read today that USD 231 will be in a negotiation meeting this evening at 5:00 P.M. with their teachers. This would be a good meeting for at least 1,000 (yes, I said 1,000) citizens to attend. It would be a good start for citizens to start taking back this government entity and holding ALL, teachers and administrators and School Board, involved in the running of this school district accountable. Big numbers of citizens are going to have to start getting involved and truly educated with respect to their city and school district governments. Citizens seem to be too scared of these yahoos who are in charge but shouldn’t be – the people should be in charge but they aren’t due to their apathy. I cannot understand why citizens are not considering consolidating DeSoto, Gardner/Edgerton and Spring Hill into one school district and reducing those bloodsucking administration positions tremendously plus letting these yahoos understand very clearly who they work for and that they should be working for a reasonable salary and benefits affordable to citizens. It has got to the point so many of these public employees are wanting out of sight salaries, not one but TWO millionaire retirement plans, all of the health care insurance paid for and the list goes on and on such as getting a car allowance that is so high that they will soon be driving Mercedes on the citizens’ dime. To say nothing about how Gardner City Mgr. can’t even pay for her $4 lunch to meet with the Mayor and later in the day meeting with a Mayor candidate and instead puts the costs on the city’s/citizens’ credit card. And that City Council allows all of this crapola and the School Board does the same with Gilhaus. The stench gets worse every day and the people have themselves to blame by not doing their jobs and turning their heads away from the constant wrongdoing. PARENTS have to be involved to get their kids educated (and I am not talking about a sports education) at the lowest cost possible and they have to demand and get some integrity, ethics, honesty, etc. with all paid personnel within the school district. Politicians will tell you they don’t want oversight or any type of regulation. Well, I would hope any citizen with a brain in their head would know those two things are most needed if you are an average citizen with an average income and you care about your kids and your community. The choice is yours.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    I see citizens talking about click it or ticket next week – getting citizens to use those seat belts.

    I think it is ironic that parent after parent sends their children to school via a school bus that to my knowledge doesn’t have a seat belt in sight. Guess USD 231 doesn’t have money for those most needed safety items. Gotta have that artificial turf though and pay big dollars for Coach Diener and all of his relatives and many other coaches………….

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