February 11, 2016

Board approves interim superintendent for USD 231

Christy Ziegler will fill-in for USD 23 1 Superintendent Bill Gilhaus, who is statutorily required to be retired for at least 60-days in order to collect pension funds as well as salary.

He announced his temporary retirement during the May 6 school board meeting.

Ziegler serves as the district’s executive director of educational services. She will assume superintendent duties beginning on July 1. Gilhaus will reassume the role on Sept. 2.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Nice example of manipulation to provide for your children. We have conniving and manipulation everywhere we look these days. Doubledipping supported and enabled by elected officials and others. And citizens get to pay up the gut for all of this lowlife behavior and then these government entities CHARGE you for any information YOU may want to know about YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT ENTITY, that is if they even feel like answering your questions. All of these jerks are more worried about working for the thieves and themselves than they are for the people they are supposed to be serving. The city of Gardner and this School Dist. and most government entities are so screwed up it is pathetic and citizens allow it all to happen and bring so many adverse affects on themselves while having one of the highest city mill levies in the County and one of the highest, if not the highest, school mill levies in the whole STATE and in DEBT up the gut. Nothing like paying the highest costs for some of the lowest of low moral behaviors. And on top of that you are going to be living in a hellhole with costs that will never end to take care of the thieves and the takers. Welcome to Gardner – City of Promise – Promise You Will Want To Leave unless you enjoy paying top dollar to live with what you are and will be living with.

    Cronyism government lives and lives well in Gardner, Ks. and the surrounding area – evidently citizens enjoy paying sky high costs while the thieves, politicians and bureaucrats are smiling on the way to the bank and enjoying millionaire retirement programs on your dime.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I am sure Gilhaus will be coming back at the end of two months totally refreshed from his European holiday.

  3. Can’t really argue with anything Ms. Rogers stated. It is an utter and complete tragedy that our patrons stand by and let these crooks get away with what they do. The Godfather gets a free pass on everything he wants because almost every school board member is compromised in some way. They all have something to “lose” if they go against what the Godfather wants and he likes it that way.

    Citizens, your fee’s rise and what do you get? Less services in the school, larger class sizes, less para’s, less counselors. The USD continues to play shell games with your hard earned tax dollars and we let it happen. At some point we have to say ENOUGH!

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Another reminder to citizens – KPERs (Kansas retirement program for all government workers and teachers) is around $8 BILLION in the red the last I read. How are citizens going to be able to take care of that deficit and continue to bankroll this exorbitant retirement program? And many of these government workers such as Gardner City Mgr. are demanding and getting TWO CITIZEN PAID RETIREMENT PROGRAMS. The piper is going to have to be paid at some point – way, way, way past time to make some adjustments – these retirement programs are not sustainable for the citizens in my opinion. And then you have some wanting their retirements such as Gilhaus and Mike Press who make even more money on the side from the citizens by doubledipping………..I would suggest citizens need to be pondering and making some very needed suggestions or demands. The thieves want to be fed with taxpayer money and many so-called public servants such as politicians and bureaucrats are doing their own bloodsuckingl Money, power and greed are the names of the games in today’s world and it gets worse by the day and you would know that if you were paying any attention whatsoever.

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