September 1, 2015

Kansas cutbacks rattle state jobs programs

Gene Meyer
TOPEKA, — As Kansans cope with a persistently higher than normal 6.6 percent unemployment rate, the state’s labor department said Tuesday it is abolishing two positions of people whose job it was to help the unemployed find …

School choice answer to American competitiveness woes

Rebekah Rast, Guest Columnist

Siemens, the German engineering group, is having difficulty filling job openings in the U.S.
With an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent, how is that possible?
Eric Spiegel, chief executive in the U.S. for Siemens, said in …

Group compares Kansas, Oklahoma taxes

Individual income tax reduction leads to more economic activity
TOPEKA, – CPA Steve Anderson, of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, recently completed a study comparing tax rates and structures for Oklahoma and Kansas over the last ten years. “A …

Obamacare could have U.S. headed for disaster

Pat Roberts, U.S. Senator R-Kansas

Ah, the words that come back to bite you.
Remember the famous statement prior to passage of what is now called Obamacare: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”?
Whoops! Give …

U.S. offers Kansas small businesses a $13 million boost

Gene Meyer
TOPEKA, — More than $13 million in federal seed money for small business loans is headed toward Kansas, state officials and the U.S. Treasury said Wednesday.
The funds, which were awarded under state small business credit initiative …

Laying the groundwork…

Heavy equipment is on the site of the future intermodal logistics park facility in Edgerton. Grading work for the project is underway near 183rd Street and Waverly Road. Staff photo by Mark Taylor

Cramer Products pruchases Hayes – based Stromgren Athletics

Cramer Products, Inc. announced the acquisition of Stromgren Athletics of Hayes, Kan. Staff photo by Brandon Humble











Amy Cunningham
Gardner based Cramer Products, Inc., announced last week that it …

Train enthusiast hosts stop on Garden Railroad Tour

Amy Cunningham
It’s not odd to find a train buzzing through Gardner, but it is unusual to find a locomotive steaming through a local backyard unless you live near Raymond Manley in the Pumpkin Ridge.
Manley, whose permanent Class …

Schultz receives Lifetime Achievement Award for student transportation

Mark Taylor
Nancy Schulz, Gardner, has been in the student transportation business since 1967.
She started her career as a school bus driver in the Gardner area when she was asked to fill in for another driver.
Schulz said …

Council decorum questioned

City council meetings shouldn’t need a Parental Advisory warning, but such is the case with the Gardner City Council, whose last meeting ended when the Mayor shouted “That’s bull——” at another council member.
But it wasn’t just the language that …