February 14, 2016

Video of the day – My Blackberry isn’t working

Does anyone still use blackberries…besides me?

Video of the day – Holiday public announcement

We have just one more holiday left…but keep this locked away for next year. and a classic holiday reaction

Video of the Day – Christmas Day

Videos of the Day – Merry Christmas to all…

Merry Christmas

Video of the Day – Caroling on the web

Long gone are the days of caroling…except on the web, and with your pets. and some cheer…

Video of the day – Dogs with hands

Does your dog have hands? Mine does… Sing with them…

Video of the Day – H.S. Football Trick Play

G.E. didn’t make it to the State football championship but this team did…and they did it with style!

Video of the day – Making fun of the TSA

This is not laughing matter. Canadiens should not be allowed to make fun of us. Obama, do something!

Video of the day – Thinking of going away for the holidays?

So some of you are thinking of going away for the holidays– do these make you want to visit their city? … and my favorite one with A ROCKIN theme song (slight NSFW at min 1:04 so it is not on our website) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npawmHVaf-E&has_verified=1 BONUS… evah been to Jersey?

Video of the day – The iBand

Church rocking with the iBand — God is pleased …..and a Christmas bonus video to make the people smile