February 11, 2016

Gardner City Council Meeting – Video

Here are the videos of the Gardner City Council meetings from 2/6/12 Part 1           Part 2 Part 3  

Jared Taylor Blog – Opinion – Pool mess up…

So who’s fired up about the “new pool” mess up? By the conversations I’ve had and overheard at baseball games,¬†Fantastic Sams¬†and neighborhood gatherings a good majority of paying pool members are upset over the apparent paint fiasco. If you aren’t pool members and haven’t heard there was an issue with the new paint that the Continue Reading

Video of the day – Remember Lost?

This would have made for a better ending

Video of the day – Lord of the Rings, real ending

This is how it should have ended

Video of the day – Ahh look

Look at the cute carnivore between meals of mauling living creatures…it’s so cute

Video of the day – Rappa

What what!! Representing

Video of the day – Bluetooth Man

You’re walking along talking a BOOM…this happens

Video of the day – Prank call from Elmo

Surprised? I was… dumb muppet

Video of the day – The Pooter

This makes me smile but it’s very crude

Video of the day – Spainair does something nice

I really liked this…enough said