February 13, 2016

Apartment complex proposal draws crowd

Charlie Troutner
Special to The Gardner News
Approximately 20 residents attended an informational meeting on April 3 at Edgerton City Hall, regarding the a proposed Pheasant Ridge affordable housing apartment complex in Edgerton.
The proposal is in a very early planning stage and would still have to meet many city, state, and federal guidelines before it could become a reality.
Representatives from Gardner Housing, of Springfield, Mo., and MRE Capital, of Kansas City, Mo., were on hand to present their proposal, as well as to answer any questions the audience might have regarding the proposed housing.
The apartment complex would be on vacant land adjacent to Highway 56, just east of Edgerton Elementary School. The complex would consist of 48, multi-family, two and three bedroom apartments. Developers said the homes would be of high quality with durable finishes, with special attentionpaid to designing something compatible with the existing homes and neighborhood.
The representatives of Gardner Housing, and MRE Capital, both emphasize that the apartment homes would not be Section 8 HUD housing. The apartment complex would be designed for moderate income families with a yearly income ranging from $29,400 to $48,660. This type of housing is referred to as “work-force” housing. The apartment complex would be closely monitored, and would have an on-site manager and a full-time maintenance technician available.
Each prospective tenant would undergo an extensive background check, including rental history, credit history, job stability and income verification, and criminal background. Also, families which live in the apartments would be expected to pay the full monthly rent amount, and have to obey strict lease requirements. The property would be managed by Mid America Management, Inc., of Springfield, Mo.
Monthly rental would be $595 for a two-bedroom, and $695 for a three-bedroom apartment, including water, trash, and sewer. The monthly rents would be less than the rents of comparable housing because of the financing structure used to pay for part of the initial construction cost.
Buildings would be two-stories high, but with separate units on each level, and each unit would be inspected every month. There would also be “buffer” zones between the apartment complex and surrounding homes.
Representatives from Gardner Housing and MRE Capital were pleased with the turnout for the informational meeting and were appreciative for the opportunity to inform Edgerton residents about the proposed apartment complex. They also pointed out that they will take all ideas, questions, and suggestions from the public into consideration in the final planning of this proposed complex.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    “Developers said the homes would be of high quality…” How high of quality will you get from affordable housing with rents of $595 and $695 which even includes water, trash and sewer? But, of course, Mike Press and Drovetta saw to it that Gardner citizens help Edgerton out with their sewer plant and they are paying higher sewer costs right now because of that back room deal. Edgerton and Gardner citizens better be thinking long and hard as to what they are wanting for their community now and in the future, however, myself I think it is a little late for that. If you can afford to move out of Edgerton and Gardner, I would highly recommend it. And I would have a really hard time believing anything a developer/politician told me.

  2. Keith Buntemeyer says:

    Judith Rogers I attended that meeting….. should have wore a higher boot,
    As the owner of the home on the corner of 1st and 56 I was very disappointed to hear this news. you hit it right on the head………………
    I have seen it many times, I grew up in Shawnee and this is exactly how cottonwood apartments were announced 5 years later they were section 8 run down and full of drugs……..
    trail ridge apartments
    moonlight apartments they are so nice now NOT………
    The list goes on and on but the fact is there is nothing that the people can do we are being controlled and our future is being set by people with other agendas other than for the city or the people…….
    Edgerton is on its way to being a big truck stop for the railroad, rock quarry, asphalt plant and anything else that feeds the one sided money hungry city officials…………………………..

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