February 6, 2016

An open letter from resident to Gardner City Council

Nate Louderback
Dear Gardner City Council,
My name is Nate Louderback and I am a resident of Gardner in the 10th precinct. It has come to my attention that there is a very important discussion that is going to take place at your June 17, 2013 meeting. The posted agenda reads as follows: “Consider directing the City Administrator to prepare a letter of notification to the Kansas Attorney General of the City’s intent to exempt its buildings from HB 2052, under Section 2(i).”
This spring the state legislature approved HB 2052. There have been a number of shootings that have taken place in ‘gun free’ zones and the purpose of the bill is to ensure that there is appropriate security measures in place in public buildings. Rather than defending people with a ‘gun-free zone’ sticker, the bill requires the city to either provide adequate protection for its citizens by implementing safety precautions like metal detectors or having security guards. Alternatively, the city may choose to allow the citizens the right to protect themselves by utilizing the concealed carry law, which they can already legally do in most places in the state.
The law becomes effective on July 1, 2013; however, the legislature has created a provision to allow cities to delay implementation in order to determine the costs of providing the appropriate security measures. I am writing today to state emphatically that the City of Gardner does not need to explore the costs because it is not feasible to spend even a single dollar to provide paid security or metal detectors when there is a cost-free option available. Our new Mayor ran on a platform of not raising taxes and the citizens of Gardner will not want to divert even a single dollar from other needed municipal services.
Please note that I have made the choice to not own a gun as a personal decision for my family. With that being said, I fear no law abiding gun-owner and there is no statistical evidence that shows an increase in gun-violence with the right for concealed carry.
In summary, it is my opinion that it is not necessary for a delay as there is a free alternative to comply with the law and there is no justification for an added expense, except for a desire from the socially liberal mayor and like-minded members of the council to impose their own desire for gun-control on the city.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    It is my opinion the Kansas Red Republican extremists have truly brought about not a more safe environment for the citizens but one that is becoming more unsafe by the day by allowing more guns into our communities/work places and they have even gone so far as to allow open carry. When they voted this session to allow guns into our government buildings they scraped the bottom of the barrel even more.

    Here is a news blip I saw today. The long arm effects of the actions of these extremists are truly not going to be pretty in my opinion. I do not care to live in nor would I want to work in communities where the gun crazies are everywhere I go or work. The NRA and their supporters are not working for the safety of the American people – they want their way come hell or high water and they don’t care what you are going to be forced to live with if they have their way – that is my opinion. Every citizen better be thinking long and hard on this gun issue and not be cult followers but be independent thinkers and actually determine what they could very well be living with in the future if they go along with all of this manipulation, conniving, rhetoric and propaganda.

    The Red Republican extremists are also creating more and more higher costs for citizens because their actions are going to lead us to be paying for astronomical court costs for their out of whack legislation.


    Butler County hears from judge regarding new conceal carry law

    June 25, 2013 @ 1:56 pm|By: Citycode FinancialNo Comments

    The Butler County Commissioners have been looking at the new bill requiring adequate security for a municipal building in order to not allow guns.
    “The law says the judge can no longer decide if someone can bring a gun into the courtroom, now the legislature can,” said Chief Judge David Ricke, adding that the law may be UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Ricke addressed the Commission with his concerns and the action he is going to take to protect the court rooms and court personnel.

  2. Walter H. says:

    I was at this meeting and it was embarrassing. Some of the council members were ill prepared and did not understand the bill at all. They asked the attorney for the city and not only did he not have a copy of the bill he had not read it. Why are we paying this guy?

    At one point they were asking people in the audience if they had a copy of it. What a complete sham. Our council voted to suspend a law that the public supported without reading it or understanding it. It seems they just want to advance their personal agenda over the will of the population they are SUPPOSED to be representing.

    I would like to know what is the ultimate goal of the 6 month wait, is it to spend money we don’t have? Most of the council admitted this is something that we could not afford now or in the future.

    They should be more worried about fixing our decaying sewage/water system that has not had proper maintenance done on it…or perhaps putting together some type of city vision so we at least have a unified direction.

    Until our city government makes city business a priority instead of meddling in people’s rights we are going to continue to be behind the 8 ball.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    It is a tossup as to whether your city, state, county or school district is the most dysfunctional here in Red Republican Kansas. Of course, the people are certainly dysfunctional by voting for the clowns. I know one thing and that is I do not want all of these guns on the street, in the workplace, in my schools or in government buildings or in places of business.

    I believe a lot of these conceal carry guys and gals would never pass psychiatric testing to become a policeman or woman so they self appoint themselves as community security guards. If you have been watching the Zimmerman/Martin trial this week you will get a good idea of what can happen with these yoyos and to your children.

    You cannot AFFORD to have these people with guns walking the street and beyond and daring the police to even question them – intimidation at its finest along with ignorance, fear and regression involved. If citizens allow these extremist lawmakers to legislate all of this gun showing and playing, then they will be living with the consequences and I don’t think they will like it – I know I won’t. I certainly make my views known but it takes a village and more to speak out on important issues to have a community and state worth living in. I have written President Obama to see if there is anything he can do about the state of Kansas on some of this extremist legislation and hoped he could get Mr. Grissom of the Justice Dept. to look into some of these matters. Too important to just sit on your rear and do nothing. I will ask for help because it is truly needed.

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