February 13, 2016

Airport commission to meet

The Johnson County Airport Commission’s monthly meeting will be Jan. 22, at 9 a.m. at One New Century Parkway.
Discussion items include:
-consider accepting a Kansas Department of Transportation grant for $1 million towards the Unilever expansion
-discuss updating of the New Century AirCenter’s airport layout drawing and narrative
-consider delegating to the executive director the authority to sign non-exclusive utility easements


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Unilever gets a $1 MILLION handout from the citizens. Are there any expectations required from Unilever for this GIFT?

    The city of Gardner, Ks. and its citizens sell water to New Century and we charge them ONE HALF OF WHAT CITIZENS ARE CHARGED. Another good deal but not for the citizens. The following excerpt from the Airport Commission meeting of Sept. 25, 2013 indicates we will be called upon to provide them much more water. To me, water is so important since it is required for our very being and yet the politicians and bureaucrats hand it out like candy. What will the water system improvements cost the citizens?

    Airport Commission Minutes

    September 25, 2013

    Unilever expansion, this will increase the demand on water by twenty-five percent.This will
    place extreme stress on our water system. Mr. Harris asked if anything,other than a first rate system,would make any sense and we should not be cobbling the system together. Mr. Soetaert, Water District 7,stated it would be best to make improvements in stages to ensure ongoing water supply to our customers. After a lengthy discussion, the Airport Commission Board agreed for staff to pursue getting bid proposals. Mr. McKee asked if it would be possible to contract an operator to manage the system, as the current operator is retiring in less than two years. Chairman Wittenborn asked Mr. Soetaert if they would be interested in managing water operations, if needed. Mr Soetaert replied they would be interested

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I also note the Airport Commission meets monthly and yet the last minutes of their meetings was for September 2013. Why are the minutes not shown for Oct., Nov and Dec.? I have a call in to find out – hope to find out.

    A few years ago when we were considering selling our Gardner Fire Dept. to Jo. Co. Fire Dist. No. 1, I called the Jo. Co. Fire Dist. No. 1 with respect to acquiring the minutes of their meetings since I could find none shown and I was calling around July or Aug. They got them posted but they were sure sketchy. Just now I bring up the minutes of the last meeting shown for Jo. Co. Fire Dist. No. 1 which was on Nov. 12, 2013 and find that Unilever is expected to receive a 50% tax incentive – never have previously heard that one – amazing how you get this news from the Fire District’s meeting minutes. Wonder if they get this 50% tax incentive PLUS the $1 MILLION handout – citizens are probably providing industrial revenue bonds to finance the expansion. This deal has probably been discussed in the County Commissioners Meetings – I need to be an octopus with numerous arms to keep up with all that goes down, especially with the sweet deals for the thieves.

  3. resident_x says:

    If we sell more water to the airport, we better never see them operating when we’re told we can’t water our lawns.

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