February 6, 2016

Advisory committee meets for first time

City officials hosted the first meeting of the newly-created Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) on Oct. 14. The committee will assist the city council in updating the Gardner’s comprehensive plan.
“The input received from these sessions will be instrumental in developing a vision for the future of Gardner,” Cheryl Harrison-Lee, city administrator, said.
The approximate 20 members of the advisory committee were selected by the mayor and city council members.
The current comprehensive plan was adopted in 2003 and partially updated in 2008.
The comprehensive plan is used for economic development purposes, and the new plan will establish a roadmap for future growth.
The plan update will involve a seven-step process including project initiation, community outreach, analysis of existing conditions, community vision and goals, drafting a downtown sub-area plan, community wide plans and policies and adopting the documents.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    The city of Gardner has advised me the following individuals are the members of this Committee:

    Sheri Barber

    Tim Brady, Gardner-Edgerton High School

    Shirley Brown-VanArsdale, Bruce Funeral Home

    Jim Dean

    Steve Devore, Gardner Area Chamber of Commerce

    Mark Grannell, USD 231 Board of Education

    Theresa Hall

    Danedri Herbert

    Walter Hermreck

    Debbie Hickman, Gardner News

    Monica Jacobs

    Phame Jensen

    Dave Johns

    Carol Lehman

    Lee Moore

    Chris Payne, Price Chopper

    Victor Peck

    Josh See, A Cup Above

    Aaron Weatherford

    Colleen M. Wuertz

    Since these individuals will be making recommendations on my behalf, I have requested from the city of Gardner a short bio on each of these individuals which should include the level of education they have received, occupation, how long they have been a resident of Gardner, etc. All citizens should be very familiar with the individuals who are representing their interests in my opinion. An educated and informed citizen is more likely to be a responsible citizen. Know what your city government is doing and the backgrounds of those representing you – every citizen is entitled to that information.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I stated every citizen is entitled to the background info of each of these committee members. Well, your city doesn’t think so since the City Clerk advised me the following:

    “Regarding your KORA request for biographies, level of education and time of residency for those member of the CPAC Committee dated Friday, October 18, 2013 at 10:14pm; there is no document containing this information all that is available is the list of members.”

    Since receiving this e-mail from the City Clerk, three Council members, Harrison, Roberts and Fotovich and Mayor Morrow have supplied me with some information, however, Shute and Freeman have not. I still don’t have all the information on these “representatives” and doubt if I or most citizens will. Mayor Morrow stated “As I’m sure you are aware we are not required by KORA to create records to deliver to you, but I thought I would do my part in trying to give you some of the information for which you asked”. As I told the Mayor, I find that impossible to believe since I believe these council members had already submitted the background information on these applicants to the City considering their replies to me.

    Same ole slimy government and, of course, I have already told them that via e-mail. Won’t do any good but I am not going to sit here and listen to their BS NOR BELIEVE IT. This whole committee thing is another city scam in my opinion. The committee members are only required to attend 4 or 5 meetings with only 1 hour of preparation time on SOME of the meetings. Those citizens are not going to be in a position to make “recommendations” based on so little involvement, thorough education on all of the important issues, research, etc., etc. The city is doing another one of their propaganda dog and pony shows and they will sell this comprehensive plan as being “community” backed which to me will be a huge lie. And to put the cherry on top of the cake, the taxpayers will be paying over $80,000 for all of this conniving and manipulation – same ole story. City Hall continues to not work for the citizens, in my opinion, – they work for themselves, the thieves and other worthless politicians and it is costing citizens an arm and a leg and adverse affects that never end. And City Hall knows they can operate in this manner because of citizen apathy and citizens have voted for many of them in office and enable and support the way they govern.

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