February 6, 2016

20th annual golf clinic attracts area kids

Twenty junior golfers aged 6-16 participated in the 20th Annual Gardner Golf Clinic, June 7-10 at the Gardner Golf Course.
The four-day clinic stressed fundamentals and etiquette and ended with three rounds of golf.

Pictured above are 20 junior golfers whom participated in a four-day golf clinic at the 20th Annual Gardner Golf Clinic at the Gardner Golf Course on June 7-10. The clinic stresses things such as fundamentals and etiquette. Submitted photo

“We had 20 kids in my 20th annual clinic,” said Curt Pruitt, event organizer and PGA professional. “The kids learned a lot and we had good weather.”
Assisting Pruitt were Jim Bishop and Ed Townley. The clinic ended with a lunch and award ceremony.


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